Australia fears refugee boat disaster toll could soar


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too many have died and will continue to die because greedy people smugglers continue to pack these boats with people for profit and send them to Australia

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As sad as this loss of life is, maybe if the weak kneed government stopped its softly softly approach on illegal immigrants then people would not attempt this risky trip in the first place. And maybe if our northern neighbor stopped harboring and assisting in this trafficking then these tragedies would be avoided.

-1 ( +1 / -2 ) are Australian? What do you want the 'weak kneed government' to do then?

2 ( +2 / -0 ) are Australian? What do you want the 'weak kneed government' to do then?

Maybe they could take a leaf out of the previous governments book. Afterall they managed to greatly reduce the number of boats coming to Australia by not allowing them to land in Australia and rather sending them to offshore detention facilities. They also increased the navy and customs presence in the Indian ocean and took a more hardline approach. That would be a good start.

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The numbers are the same from this Government to the last, it's a target country, big and friendly. 1/4 of all Australians are born in another country (latest census). For what they are charged for the boat trip ...that's a plane ticket with change. But people persist in trying to get there on fishing boats and the blame is dolled out to the Government? What about the several countries these people pass through before embarking on unseaworthy vessels, Australia didn't organize it! Australia just rescues them and then debates what it did wrong!

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There are actually more Australian vessels patrolling now and the Government is trying to initiate an off shore policy but the opposition refuse to back it for purely political gain, even though it mirrors their own. Political stupidity is not confined to a national border.

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Great way to scapegoat for the PM

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I wonder what the Aboriginals have to say about non natives landing into their country?

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The Aboriginals are probably wondering why the government spends monies on people's who arent even in Australian interests. Im sure they have a few communities where they would like to see more money spent on infrastructure.

I dunno, looking at this map, shouldnt this article be titled Indonesia fears refugee boat disaster....??

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An absolute tragedy. Rest in Peace to these poor Sri Lankans - I just hope there is a miracle and they find some alive. Half the world would probably risk their kids lives to get to Australia and a happy life - shame on the people smugglers for taking advantage of them - and eternal shame on the Indonesian authorities who look the other way for a few bucks. They are rotten and corrupt to the core.

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I'm not sure why Cletus is getting thumbs down, his point is totally valid. Why should Australia be forced to accept illegal immigrants?

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