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Australian firefighters race to contain blazes as another heatwave looms

By Glenda KWEK

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On a Murdoch rag, The Sunshine Coast Daily, forum posters keep saying "this is all normal ", "nothing to see here " amid blaming Greenies and various other ways of denting the obvious.

Is it wrong for me to want to punch these people ?

There'll be no native animals left at this rate.

This is the START of the fire season.

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So the figure of 480,000,000 animals affected may be exaggerated?


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Wont know the animal toll...except to say , many iconic species like koalas and possums , wombats, little gliders etc would not have been able to get away from the flames.

When we get a figure on stock losses you can probably multiply by 1000, the native animals killed.

Would include reptiles and birds as well.

Its a devastation that some species may not recover from.

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I've heard that 24 people have been detained/arrested for STARTING many of these fires. I wonder why these people were starting such fires? I wonder what they had hoped to accomplish by starting brush fires? I also wonder what their views are on "CO2 is bad and causes global warming"?

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The number of wildlife you are referring to is accurate number from a scientific study based on logging. The intensity of this fire has left no gully's unburn which used to be safe havens for small slow moving marsupials. Also that number you quoted below is for NSW not Victoria. So once the fires are over its probably going to be double that he said.

Btw wires NSW wildlife has been receiving unprecedented donations from us celebrity types while wildlife victoria is not getting many at all and now getting just as many call outs. So please help them if you can


So the figure of 480,000,000 animals affected may be exaggerated?

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Last year scientists reintroduced the tiger quoll back to South coast and blue mountains. A species that had become extinct from the main land. I think they will be gone again. Along with the critically endanged Leadbeater possum in East Gippsland Victoria. There is dire concerns about the woolami pines that (dinosaur tree) which the original trees only in one secret gully , that park has been on fire for months. Those trees themselves are 1000 years old. So many other rare species to name

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