Floods worsen as thousands more Sydney residents evacuate

By Renju Jose

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Absolutely copping a pounding. I guess these new extreme weather events are the new norm. Hard rains gunna fall.

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Politicians deny climate change and global warming and don’t prepare, so what could go wrong?

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Climate change.

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Governments need to begin coordinated programs to temporarily capture excessive floodwaters in upstream tributaries and any other low-lying areas where infrastructure is less of an issue.

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Avenger, Thankyou. The finger pointing game never offers actual solutions.

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Australia is on the front line for climate change, and some parts of it will eventually cease to be habitable as a result, as will, over time, parts of other nations - too hot, cold, wet or dry.

El Niño is a regular event and we've known what climate change will do to our weather. Australia is not the only government that has been complacent in climate-proofing residential areas. Manage water better where it floods. Store it for fire prevention. Deploy solar for energy, not coal. Use your water and sunshine, rather than being a victim of it. Instead of giving France half a billion over the sub contract, maybe they should have spent it on climate defence. They need to get their priorities right.

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