Australian government vows to pursue citizenship crackdown


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I want to move there!

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Smart move.

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Although Australia population is very low for such large island, keeping local cultures is essential. Good move to keep parasites away.

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Pauline Hanson is not in prison?

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Didn't know you could get it in only one year in Aus. 4 year requirement doesn't seem like a radical idea.

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Ridiculous, questions about Don Bradman are on the test? Don who? You might ask. I was born there but would fail this citizens test. As would most politicians pushing this.

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@Jonathan Prin

By local cultures, you mean the Aboriginal cultures? I dont see any requirements for proficiency in any of the Aborigine dialects or customs. Modern Australia is made up almost entirely of immigrants from all over the world, each one coming over in the last 250 years.

The current push for immigration crackdowns is based on trying to avoid people from a certain background from coming in (take a guess). Before this, Pauline Hanson tried to scare us into believing it was the Chinese and other Asians that were going to take over the country.

Problem is, this will make it harder for ALL non-English speaking countries. That includes Japan, and any of us with Japanese family.

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Sign of the times really. Its what a majority of Aussies want. Doesn't seem too extreme to want people to adopt, accept and embrace Australian customs and culture. Work hard ( not too hard of course ) , play cricket, wear bikinis, have barbies , drink beer with your neighbours and speak  Astrayen.. People are reminiscing of a simpler time, a better time before all the agro and identity politics. The pendulum has swung slightly to the right, but it wont go far. Aussies are good folk.

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I can do ‘em all except (1) and (6).

Do I qualify? : )

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if you have a good sense of humour mate, and are thick skinned, you're in!

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Australia finally catching up to New Zealand. Lots of people love democracy, most don't want to fight for it.

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@luca, I, as a new australian, would personally insist that you're made an honorary citizen of 'straya upon arrival.

Can't stand Dutton but I have to say he makes some very valid points here.

I think 4 years before applying (or be able to) for citizenship is fair enough. If after 4 years in a country a/you haven't worked/contributed & been on welfare for long periods of time, b/ you have a criminal record, then your so called 'adopted & adoptive' country's probably not for you and it's better to part ways. And, in any case, PR can do pretty much everything a citizen can do so need to rush imo. As an aside, have never heard of a PR getting oz citizenship within a year of arrival (in my exp, 1-2 years as a temporary resident then 2 years as a PR then ok to apply provided you've been in oz for at least 4-5 years if I remember well).

As for the new 'uni-level English proficiency test', reckon it goes a tad too far and would even call it un-australian!!! Many anglo-aussies I know and have worked with would probably NOT pass such test ;)

(no offence JT but thought this article was pretty confusing... this one's imo much better

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Work hard ( not too hard of course ) , play cricket, wear bikinis, have barbies , drink beer with your neighbours and speak Astrayen..

Expecting immigrants to play cricket is a step too far. That's just inhumane.

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Yeah unfortunately it is required. Housing has reached catastrophic levels in the cities so pouring in more people to the mix is pure folly and even suspiciously silly. Sadly, Australia is full

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That doesn't sound bad at all.

You don't want to bare people from coming but you want motivated/productive people.

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'bare people' eh? So is there a question about nude beaches on this new and improved test?

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Great for NZ! They understand what’s at stake and how important it is to keep your culture and to have people assimilate.

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Ridiculous, questions about Don Bradman are on the test? Don who? You might ask. I was born there but would fail this citizens test.

I'm an American from two hemispheres away but even I know the significance of the number 99.94!

I've even studied a couple of Aboriginal languages (just briefly, and because it was my professor's life's work). Would love to become a dual citizen with this great nation to the south!

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"Australian values" = "White Australia".

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@Mr Noidall oh so you have lived there I take it?

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Sounds like the not-wanted people are already inside Australia. Now trying to close the door further?

My Oz friend took back his pregnant Japanese wife about 10 years ago. Already the paperwork rigmarole was tough enough, and even though she was pregnant and could prove it, the authorities would not waver the X-ray requirement for TB.

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Good on you Australia !

And for those who think it's white only... that's stereotyping non-English speakers as being Colored. If you're a Caucasian French or German person, the same rule applies to you.

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Criticism of the bill focused mainly on the requirement that new citizens would need to show university-level English proficiency -- something Labor said amounted to a "White Australia" policy by discriminating against immigrants from non-English-speaking nations.

What? That seems like a rather racist statement by Labor. Are they actually suggesting that non-English-speaking nations can not be white? Or that there are no English-speaking nations comprised most of people of color?

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