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Australia in talks with Philippines to resettle refugees


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Bad idea. PI has enough poor, homeless to deal with.

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Ironic, wasn't Australia a land of refuge for the first settlers and all sorts of "people" from the old world, UK etc?, who then wiped out/displaced the native aboriginal communities...

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The article fails to say from where are these people are coming.

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Bad idea. PI has enough poor, homeless to deal with.

Agreed - not to mention they already have huge numbers of domestic Islamic secessionists to deal with, who have historically resorted to terrorism. Imagine throwing more disgruntled Islamic refugees in the mix. That said, the corrupt as hell PI govt. will gladly take the big bucks from any rich neighboring nation with their own motives - Aus, China, Japan - and merrily dance to their tune.

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If they want the same troubles as Europe is now facing they should keep their policy.

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Seems like a global caliphate is realistic in a couple decades if this continues.

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The Manus concentration camp is utter embarrassment for Australia.

Its about damned time they started talking about ways to get those people out of their secret prison so they could live their lives.

We don't even know how many people have died there its all so hush hush. Australia's Guantanamo only the people there are not remotely accused of even attempting to hurt others.

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Why Muslim Countries don't want to take Muslim refugees? Why members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) do not want to resettle fellow Muslim refugees in their country?

I never heard UN, UNCHR and Human right Commissioner and Human right organization pressure on Muslim nations to help and resettle in their country. I think something is terribly wrong about UN’s Human Right and Refugee’s policy.

We can't deny Muslim migrants are problem in non-Islamic country. Majority of Australian peoples recognized the country has Muslim problem and they do not want anymore Muslim migrants in Australia. However, minority left wing liberal Medias and activists have more voice than majority peoples in Australia because most of them are employees in ABC. So they have more resources them majority Australian peoples who don't want Muslim migrants anymore.

Australia Government shouldn't send Muslim refugees to Buddhist country like Cambodia because there are not many Muslim peoples in Cambodia. Philippine can be resettled Muslim refugees in Muslim Mindanao region but I don't think its good idea to spend too much tax payers’ money for handful of Muslim refugees.

Some Muslim refugees in PNG want to go back to their country. Why UNCHR has recognized them as refugees if they can go back to their country? Human Right activists said the asylum seekers have right to live in better life. The definition of refugee was abused by activists and UN itself. Most of Asylum seekers are economy migrants. If they have good fake story and then they will be recognized as refugee. UN must find solution for mass exodus of Muslim migrants to the West. Otherwise, the confrontation between right wing militant group and Muslims and its supporters will lead to another Balkan war in Europe.

UN and refugee activist must respect the host country peoples’ decision if they do not want to resettle Muslim refugees in their country and then do not pressure and abuse them.

UN, UN Human Right Commission, UNCHR and Human Right organization must urge Indonesian Government to resettle Muslim refugees who are already living in Indonesia. Indonesia was mains sourced of Muslim asylum seekers coming by boat to Australia. Once Indonesian friend told me some Indonesian Government's officials think it's their religion duty to help Muslim asylum seekers boats let sail to Australia because spreading Islam religion to the world was duty of all Muslims. Non-Muslim host nations are helpless and the host country’s Government was abused and hounding by left wing Medias and activist if they do not take Muslim refugees. Current the refugee convention was out of date and it needs to rewrite urgently.

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