Australia Indigenous referendum set to fail as support dips, poll shows


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Without bi-lateral political support, every referendum in Australia is doomed to fail historically. The Conservatives have opposed this proposed change, as they did in the Republic referendum 25 years ago.

To be honest, it is doubtful that an unelected "Voice" to parliament would achieve much other than lining the pockets of some in Canberra instead of building hospitals and police stations where they are needed for the indigenous.

Most Aussies couldn't care less for the first people of their land, and anyone who has visited Australia would know this first hand. 

Patently untrue. Most Aussies do want the gap to close between black and white - but many believe this change is not the answer. As for the "respect" of non-indigenous New Zealanders toward Māori and other Pacific Islanders, I have heard plenty using pejorative terms to describe them over the years. There will be a percentage of bigots everywhere. And I'd remind you there is a very big gap between indigenous and white New Zealanders in terms of income, unemployment, incarceration etc.

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It come down to a yes or no vote on a 17 page statement which will be part of the Australia constitution. Most Aussies are lost after a few words. Let alone a page, but 17 pages off confusing it is to the average Aussie. It will lose on that alone.

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Each country should decide in its own. No need to compare to dissimilar neighbors.

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Good !

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Good. Always do the opposite of whatever garbage they push in the news.

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the Aboriginal people were marginalized by British colonial rulers and are not mentioned in the 122-year-old constitution.

Then Australia has had 122 years to put things right.

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Well, it's a democracy there and that's why you cannot only demand or propagate to vote yes, like in the photo above, but you have to ensure that all options are equally represented, voting yes, voting no, voting anything unrelated or invalid and also not going to the voting at all. You kids have still a lot to learn , haven't you?

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Proud to say a No vote is a step forward, as opposed to a vote Yes that would be a step backward.

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Most Australians want to be One People under their Constitution and not divided on heritage it seems.

Many will be voting No for Unity and Togetherness.

Most Australians want to go towards their future as One people and not with some having privilege bestowed upon them in the Constitution, over other groups.

As the new anthem sings loud and proud while paying respects to our indigenous brothers and sisters and their history before British, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African settlement - We are One and Free

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A no vote is a sad continuation of first nations people once again being shoved under the carpet. A tragedy that fear is being used to propagate ignorance and the continuing policy of dictating to first nations people rather than finding an inclusive way for their voices to be heard by those who lead the nation and states.

I will be voting YES in the upcoming referendum.

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As usual, the left are trying to force people into a false dichotomy. Yes means you are pro-aborigine. No means you are a racist. It won't work. That's not what this is about.

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