Australia launches $2 bil pandemic retraining plan as virus cases rise

By William WEST

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I hate the threat of a pandemic, Ausrtalia is trying to control it as is NZ, Japan not to worry we are special and it's only night clubs? Being packed on a train doesn't count? This is heading for disaster.

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Meanwhile it's own citizens are stranded abroad desperately trying to return home. Shame on Australia and its horrid politicians.

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So proud of Australia. Well informed, pragmatic, pro active, realistic. Onyaz!

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There is now a labour shortage in Australia.

Cafes, restaurants, hotels are desperate for workers, but people would rather stay on the dole.

as long as the government is handing out so much free money, what incentive is there to work !?

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Its been several months now since they were told to come back...I understand flights may have been restricted but many people here feel they have had enough time to get their a###s home! Not to mention that a lot of people who do return seem to bring the virus with them.

We were nearly on top of this damn virus too..

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waste of money. there is no cure for covid, and it will be here forever. Treat it like other diseases. Death rate is 2% or less, 98 % recovers. People are starving yet these people are willing to spend billions on this bottomless pit. We are in a state of fear to maintain the status quo. Justify govt and world organization while giving the media a complete control of our fear.

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