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Australia launches anti-espionage task force amid China spy concerns


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Good! This comes off the back of a 60 Minutes story the other week, I fear we might just be scratching the surface.

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Congratulations Australia! Time to kick China to the curb

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Wow. I got that story 8 months ago. Where are you at? Censorship or delayed approval? Still trying to figure out who registers as a foreign agent as that Bridge of Spies movie so aptly put it.

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No offence intended on that censorship point. All countries have it, not just china or Iran. Usually under the guise of national security or protection of youth/women...

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China has been, and is, carrying on a war without declaring a war, on every nation that it sees as being a potential obstacle to it's goal of regional dominance.

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Years ago, I have advocated against selling Japanese submarines to Australia precisely due to a deep Chinese infiltration in the country.

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We are only now starting to understand the real shape of China’s CCP and their agenda. Check out Sky News Australia on YouTube for some great coverage.

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