Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia to trial new jet tracking system


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Is there even such an airplane as a Boeing 380?? Last time I checked the 380 was being built in EUROPE by Airbus and not by the USA, meaning Boeing.

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There needs to be a correction made in the last sentence of this article as Boeing ONLY makes one of the five mentioned aircraft, the 777. The rest are made by Airbus.

Long-haul jets that use the existing technology include wide-bodied planes such as Boeing's 380, 777, 330, 340 and 350 models, Truss said.

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I guess the article's editor is enjoying the weekend. This new system is good news, nevertheless.

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A new tracking system is a great idea, hopefully it can help with potencial early rescues and prevent from future disapearances of planes. Has anyone heard anything about the Air Asia flight recorder information? We were told that the data findings would be made public in one month, it's been much longer than that! The Taiwanese trans Asia flight recorder information was presented within two days of recovery, why is Trans Asia info not being released?

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