Several countries hope to salvage TPP after U.S. exit


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Bad idea. VERY bad idea

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without the US it is worthless. anyway multilateral trading agreements are often pretty useless.

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Australia hopes to salvage the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by encouraging China and other Asian nations into the agreement...

These governments have no integrity - months ago they were all about excluding China, now they're pounding on their door.

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The remaining 11 TPP nations are Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.

Talk about a motely crew of nations! Forget the TPP. APAC countries that were involved should work with ASEAN members as well as SK and China and get new trade deals in the region. Never understood why Oz looked towards Chile, Peru etc i.o Indonesia, Thailand and obviously China! Just didn't make sense.

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without the US it is worthless. anyway multilateral trading agreements are often pretty useless.

I think we're going to see a lot of trade agreements over the next few years that bypass the US altogether. They have indicated that they want to turn inward. The election of someone who is willing to throw away any and all agreements shows that the US cannot be counted on for consistency - the next ruler may not choose to continue with the agreements that this ruler put in place, and so on. And in business, when you cannot depend on a trading partner, you put in place other connections, and other trade agreements, with groups you can depend upon, who have shown themselves to be reliable.

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Who knows? Perhaps it will be better without the US - the 800 pound gorilla, able to throw it's weight around and demand ridiculous concessions for it's pet industries.

Again, I ask, who knows? It's not like any of us have had access to any of the super-secret negotiations.

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The winner in this could be China

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Do it, leave America to spin their wheels while they are too busy hating Trump.

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Wherever there is an arena that China, Japan exists, there is a big struggle and a big conflict is ahead, do you guys believe this theory?

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Trump will negotiate to change the name while leaving the structure virtually intact and then claim victory. It's too obvious.

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Consumption begins at home, why depend on america who needs to be great again ???.it means at this moment even trump do not feel great. Listen and read carefully.

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"Though he didn’t suggest Trump himself would reverse his position ( on TPP ), Turnbull did say the U.S. eventually might.

“You have to recognize that his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has been a longtime advocate for it,” Turnbull said, referring to Trump’s nominee. “The Republican Party in the Congress have been strong supporters of the TPP. It is possible that U.S. policy could change over time on this, as it has done on other trade deals.”

If Hillary had been elected, she probably would have signed off on it on Day 1 despite what she said during the campaign, after all, she did say before it was "the gold standard" of trade deals.

Kellyanne Conway on how Trump will get the economy going:

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I do not know the contents of the TPP to make any sound evaluation of and comment on its value. However, as with the Euro concept, it is often too idealistic to "assume" that any such group agreements will "benefit" the participating nations. Just as with a professional athlete, it is impossible for any player to get the same, equal, and fair relationship, position and benefits. Every player has different talents, abilities and value. In trade, those with the most economic advantage often "dominate" as USA was expected to. The only thing was that the USA was the biggest contributor, because it happens to be the largest "consumer" of goods in the group. Without which, other nations would reap less benefits.

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Turnbull said that in theory China could join the pact following the U.S. departure. But that would require a revamp of the deal.

"You talkin' to me now?" China asked rhetorically and sarcastically. Then said "I'm sorry, I already joined the RCEP, as did you!".

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Who is going to trust a trading pact when it is dictated by Trump ?

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