Australia offers asylum-seekers $10,000 to return home


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just giving them back the money they lose by being smuggled into Australia, and its a hell of a lot cheaper than giving them visas, welfare,. housing etc. if you come into a country illegally then you shouldnt be suprised when you get kicked out, unless your a actual refugee then get in line like everybody else.

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I don't understand your thinking. Why would a country like Australia need to pay off asylum seekers? Asylum seekers have no standing other than the grace of a country. The country can refuse you. Don't become like the USA and feel obligated to help all those people seeking to enter this country legally or otherwise. Now, the USA is spending millions in direct aid to minors crossing its border. Obama administration has no balls to throw them out. Now we are stuck with other countries problems.

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So, as I read it you are paid to make it to the shores of Australia. Rewarded when you get there. How about you are deported when you arrive illegally and thats that. An asylum seekers risk is just that, a risk and and no more.

As for USA.........Cut off aid to the nations sending and allowing the illegal mass migration and return those folks also. Put the coyote's out of business with that response.

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Lebanon from detention centers on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island and the tiny Pacific state of Nauru were offered the highest amount of $10,000.

I am not impressive about offering huge amount of money to Aslyum Seekers. Aust $10K will be huge amount of money for those nations. Their homeland cost of living are lower than Australia. If one family member got the reward for risking their journey to Australia, the rest of family members or relatives will be encouraged to travel to Australia with illegal way.

Illegal immigration is unlawful conduct. If the authority reward the unlawful people, there will be bunch of new risk takers will come more and more.

Many Sri Lankan asylum seekers are enjoying the luxury life in their hometown after they have been rewarded by Australian Tax payers. Some are very lazy people who have never worked for the single day in their life. Many middle east young men will be able to afford to buy weapons for their cause .

Going to Australia as Asylum seekers just like the winning the lottery.

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Good reason to learn how to speak Lebanese.

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Most asylum seekers are there because their lives are in danger back home. Australia has a legal and moral obligation not to send them back to somewhere where they stand a strong risk of being killed, so they can't just send them home.

... so they virtually imprison them in detention camps on a remote island for years, and then offer them a huge cash sum to voluntarily head home and risk almost certain death. Way to go Aussie, showing all the moral backbone of a squid.

That's the real story here people, not what you seem to think. These aren't illegal immigrants, they're people fleeing political and religious violence. Christians from Muslim countries where they could be killed just for being Christian, etc.

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Bad precedent!

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I think the policy would be effective to those asylum-seekers only for a short time. Once their life in their home countries gets devastated, they would come back and that would repeat.

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How much for asylum seekers from the U.S.?

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Offering people any money to go home will only add more problems. Just look into their cases and decide who really deserves asylum and who doesn't.

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Christians from Muslim countries where they could be killed just for being Christian, etc.

Now you are concerned for the welfare of Christians. Must admit that's not a sentiment that jibes with the rest of your posting history. Seems like a flimsy excuse to trot out more politically correct rhetoric.

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