Australia part of Asia, minister says on visit to Malaysian birthplace


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Australia is a continent of not Asia

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Australia is a continent of not Asia

It is! Feelings are facts!

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Australia part of Asia,

Try saying that to a guy of European descent, you'll get a bloody nose

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Australia is Asia-Pacific or also known as Oceania.

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The Australian colonizers can categorize themselves however they want .

However they aren't the original inhabitants.

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Britain, India, China, New Zealand and the Philippines were the biggest source nations for the almost one-third of Australian residents who were born overseas

Lets apply the Tebbit test shall we.

Which team do the British who have migrated to Australia support when the Ashes is on? Do the Indian-Australians cheer for Steve Smith and David Warner instead of Kohli and Sharma? Do the Kiwis support the Black Caps over the Baggy Greens?

Turning to more serious things, will the Chinese Australians support their adopted country over their motherland should things go further south between China and Australia? Integration is an effort from both sides so it is not enough just to say that since Australia has accepted so many immigrants it is now a multicultural paradise.

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While Australia is not exactly part of the Asian continent, from a geopolitical standpoint they are so connected to "Asia" that they might as well consider themselves part of it. Besides, if the Australian FM says so, who is anybdy here to argue?

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Australia part of Asia,

Try saying that to a guy of European descent, you'll get a bloody nose

As a white Aussie I respectfully disagree. I certainly know of no Aussie of a European background who would violently disagree.

Australia may be a separate continent, but we are now part of Asia - and getting closer all the time. Minister Wong is spot on.

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Buraku, Australia was a penal colony,and then they took the land from the original inhabitants

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I don't trust this Wong woman. She has been on record as being pro China, leopard/spots. Occasions where she is pro freedom only highlights her inconsistency (forked tongue).

It's also no longer a secret that Chinese Malaysian are pro Beijing because of racial issues in Malaysian politics, and is the only Chinese diaspora outside China that has a wumao army embedded (CCP propaganda operation). Google IRSEM report.

If anything, I see her as a successful CCP penetration into Australian politics and power structure.

There has also been report of her bullying her colleague to the point her colleague died from a heart attack. She epitomises the untrustworthy politician.

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