Australia plans more tough asylum-seeker reforms


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Good for Australia, other Countries should do the same. If these asylum seekers spent their energy on trying to a Improve the conditions in their Country maybe they wouldn't want to leave!

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if the West would stop causing wars there may well be half the amount of refugees as there are, have some people never bothered to note where people are fleeing from and the reason why. Those who heap praise on Australia are no doubt ignorant of the debilitated position the indigenous Australians have been subject to since the arrival of European immigrants over the last 2 centuries. While protecting "Australia" from immigrants how dare they force small weaker island nations to become refugee detention camps. In 20 years time these small island states will be changed beyond genetic recognition by being forced to take on untold amounts of refugees. The very thing Australia's 20 million White Europeans claim to be afraid of, they are doing to others. Nauru's population is less than 10,000, while Manus Island (PNG) has less than 45,000 indigenous inhabitants. If climate change doesn't destroy these nations, then Australia's selfish immigration policy will. If they are so keen on locking people up, why don't they build the camps in Australia, after all 90% of that continent is unoccupied, and that's from government statistics.

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The Australian response, followed years of open slather non-policy cynically exploited by people traffickers who had no scruples about taking the money before sending hundreds to their deaths in leaky boats which sunk enroute to the promised el Dorado.

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