Australian PM defends AUKUS submarine deal against critics

By Lewis Jackson

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Everyone gets to have their say. But the best gauge is the fact it has bipartisan support from the government and the opposition. It is recognized as necessary by both major parties and as such will proceed without any great dissent in government. Those ex prime ministers and academics who voice opposing views are not privy to all the current intel held by defense and the government, so are commenting with less relevant information than ministers and both sides of parliament who are in agreement.

There are big militaries who plan on getting bigger and stronger and have agendas to expand their nations borders and territories at the expense of those around them. This has a natural effect of forcing nations to either upgrade their own capabilities and capacities or to eventually capitulate to those aggressive hostile nations. Australia has chosen to improve its defensive abilities rather than capitulate and surrender sovereignty on trade, friends and associations and choices. It will not be deferring to the will of China, it will follow the will of its free citizens and protect Australian interests and allies.

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Look, China can make lots of money selling their goods to Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Taiwan - that’s just fine and dandy, but any expansion on their part in the East China Sea and surrounding territories is a firm red line with all said countries. And any attempt at taking Taiwan won’t be tolerated, either. I think unions like AUKUS and the Five Eyes will only aid a future peaceful relationship with the big C.

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Of course, if China were to admit that historic claims enclosed by the 9 dash line are entirely bogus then I am sure it would be a good start towards peace in the region.

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Keating & Turnbull have things in common. Both ousted as PM's, both still think they are relevant and both feel the need for successive govt's to consult them prior to any major decisions. Just when you thought dinosaurs were extinct, they resurface.

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This is an extension of America's power across the world.

Their Great!

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Keating was right,mate.

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In 2022, 34% of Australia's exports went to China. The vast majority of these exports were the mining products that are essential for manufacturing in China. This raises the question of why China would want to threaten Australian trade routes - China itself would suffer most from this. China is already following a slower, but more successful strategy, of slowly buying control of key Australian assets. Incidentally, Japan is the second largest recipient of Australian exports with 17% of all trade. That is probably where the significant vulnerability lies.

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China is already following a slower, but more successful strategy, of slowly buying control of key Australian assets.

No, it isn't. Anything effecting national security can not be foreign controlled, there are limits on the allowed percentage of offshore ownership. In addition, all assets are controlled by Australian law, so no matter what foreign nations buy or think they control, it is all under Australian control through our laws. In time of conflict any enemy assets are nationalized and revert to Australian ownership, control and management. If that is China's "brilliant" strategy, it has already failed.

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Next weeks news, Australia is officially a nuclear weapon armed puppet. Subs need enriched weapons grade Uranium. Lots of it. Stockpiles. Australians is not the most left wing country.

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Wrong Rodney. No stockpiles needed. Current models of Rolls-Royce reactors run for the life of the sub without need of refuelling, they come as a complete unit. So it is irrelevant whether Australia is left or right wing.

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The reactors and fuel are sealed and disposed of after ~ 30 years. There are no stockpiles of fuel.

Australia sells uranium to China, then buys nuclear subs to contain China. Haha.

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Next weeks news, Australia is officially a nuclear weapon armed puppet.

So amusing some continue to complain bitterly that the US and UK have friends and allies. US allies are apparently puppets while Russian or Chinese allies are intelligent friends. See the difference with their rhetoric? Poor people like @Rodney, cant seem to handle Western alliances built on similar outlooks and a complete distrust of Russia and China.

It would be much more accurate to say those within the sphere of influence of Russia are indeed puppets who at the first opportunity, when able to throw off the shackles of Russian control, waste no time in aligning with the West for a better life with freedom to choose for themselves.

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Just as I predicted last year, the plan now calls for US crewed and commanded subs to be stationed in Australia from 2027, at Australia's expense. This is what AUKUS was always about and where it will stay.

The locally built submarines promised in the 2040s and 2050s will likely never set sail. They will either be axed by successive governments, cancelled by future financial crises, or made redundant by some unforeseen anti-submarine countermeasure such as underwater drone swarms etc.

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That sounds pretty right-wing-extremist-conispiracy-theory-like. You sure about that? Did you actually read that somewhere, or is this your right-wing-extremist hypothesis?

"As early as 2027, the United Kingdom and the United States plan to establish a rotational presence of one UK Astute class submarine and up to four U.S. Virginia class submarines at HMAS Stirling near Perth, Western Australia"

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Yeah You should read something before you start shouting “conspiracy” all the time. It was even on BBC.

heres another link.

“From 2027, the US and UK will also base a small number of nuclear submarines in Perth, Western Australia….”

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Huh? I never called it a conspiracy theory.

This is you, right?

That sounds pretty right-wing-extremist-conispiracy-theory-like

yep, it is.

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Yeah it “sounded” just like a conspiracy theory, huh?

I operate under the base expectation that everything our far-right posters claim without support, is probably a conspiracy theory. That's on you guys for consistently spouting conspiracy theories, like the one about Trump winning in 2020, that you still push as being the truth even though the Fox News "reporters" have admitted under oath they lied to you guys.

So yeah, it did sound like a conspiracy. Which is why I clearly stated:

That sounds pretty right-wing-extremist-conispiracy-theory-like

But then you were shown it’s actually a factual comment and you were completely wrong.

Wrong about what? I never made any claims. So again I repeat:

it comes down to your reading-comprehension issues. Remember, this is why I point out your lack of credibility as an election denier - you aren't very good at parsing your observations into an accurate representation of what is objectively happening around you.

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@M3 Yes that was true: "The locally built SSN will never set sail....." They are talking about the things of 20years,30 years later. Who knows the soaring price tag until then? It was not feasible to make a long term investment as long as like this. The world is heading a very severe recession in coming years or the whole decade. Australia is a raw materials exporter, lacking major heavy industries and technology, whether she can gather enough money to buy their first American made SSN is questionable!

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The second phase of Aukus includes cooperation on advanced cyber, artificial intelligence and autonomy, quantum technologies, undersea capabilities, hypersonic and counter-hypersonic, electronic warfare, innovation, and information sharing.

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The locally built submarines promised in the 2040s and 2050s will likely never set sail. They will either be axed by successive governments, cancelled by future financial crises, or made redundant by some unforeseen anti-submarine countermeasure such as underwater drone swarms etc.

The nay sayers like yourself also predicted Australia would never construct the Collins class submarines as it was new to Australian manufacturing, with a very high standard of manufacturing needed to build any submarines. Australia couldn't do it, they wont do it, they will end up wasting time and money and buy "off the shelf" from Germany or Sweden. They also got that wrong. Australia built their Collins class submarines from a Swedish design.

Those submarines have been on active service for decades and remain an effective platform for the Australian navy. Australia will indeed build the SSN AUKUS submarines at South Australian shipyards, but they will not be doing it alone. It is no different to the US or UK building an entirely new shipyard for building nuclear powered submarines in their own nations. Australia will be drawing on the help and experience of the US and UK and by the time it has been completed in 30-40 years, Australia will be able to make future classes of nuclear powered submarines to UK or US designs without comments like, they cant, they are not good enough, they are too poor etc. I wont be here to see those future classes, but I do hope I am around to see the first SSN AUKUS laid down in Australian shipyards.

It does not really matter about predictions of random commenters, like it or not it is going to happen. The wheels are already in motion.

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In the face of China's increasing military maneuvering in the region, it is important to ensure a free, open, and vibrant Indo-Pacific.

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