Australia PM feels the heat after 30th straight poll loss

By Mark Metcalfe

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Next he will copy Xi and be PM for life. Who cares what the people want it's about what he wants.

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On being busted by his own 30 poll benchmark, the Australian manned-up and admitted to it followed by a tearful press conference (quote - Cricket Australia press procedure - unquote).

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Go figure. Maybe they want Tony Abbot back (shudders)...

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Oz Liberals got it wrong big time. I've never understood why they didn't roll out the red carpet for Peter Costello. Only aussie conservative i would ever consider voting for.

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A party of dinosaurs who think coal is the future.

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A secret touch of sandpaper should do the trick.

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Malcolm Turnbull is one of the worst Australian Prime Ministers. He only wanted to be Prime Minister but he doesn't know how to manage country economy and govern. Former PM Tony Abbott had signed free trade with China, Japan and S. Korea. Tony Abbott tried to fix hundreds of billion dollar budget deficit which left by former Labor Government. Also, Tony Abbott Government has stopped the illegal asylum seekers’ boats from Indonesia. Tony Abbott Government was best Government Australian peoples have since John Howard Government.

Tony Abbott also proposed to buy Japanese built Soryu Class Submarines instead of building Sub in Australia that will save at least $ 30 billion and will receive all Submarines before 2025. Also, they are superior to current available Sub from France and Germany as well.

However, Turnbull Government's defense Minister Marise Payne has choose French Company to build Submarines in S. Australia with $ 50 billion budget but the Sub project has yet to start and expect to budget blow out as usual and also, expected to come with many problems in Sub as well.

Australian Government’ debt is now surpassed $ 500 billion and still rising under Malcolm Turnbull Government. Australia debt and economy mismanagement under Turnbull Government is worst then former Labor Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd Government.

Last Election, Malcolm Tuirnbull had used his own money $ 1.7 million for his and Liberal MPs reelection campaign. I don’t think his money will save him and his Liberal MPs in coming Election.

Australian voters are enough and fed up with Malcolm Turnbull’s self-centered, egoist and super narcissist personality.

Malcolm Turnbull thinks, he was better Prime Minister than Tony Abbott but he wasn’t. Tony Abbott was better Prime Minister than Turnbull, Gillard and Kevin Rudd. Perhaps, Tony Abbott can achieve more than John Howard if his PM office was not robbed by Malcolm Turnbull.

Australian peoples have lost good Government and scarified for to fulfill Malcolm Turnbull, his desire for Prime Minister Office and ego. He destroyed Liberal Party unity and peoples trust.

Malcolm Turnbull should be resigned from Liberal Party leadership and Prime Minster position if he has integrity.

Now we are almost certainly getting another worst Labor Prime Minister in Office soon.

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