Australia PM hits out at critics amid leadership turmoil


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Australia's Prime Minister and group seem to enjoy wasting the countries money as the government brings a case against Japan in the United Nations court trying to claim that Japan is in breach of international obligations in an effort to withdraw their whaling permits. This means that Japan is permitted to whale so why waste money on a clear fact. If Australia is not in a R they will surely be after wasting money on things like this. It's the Prime Minister's sad effort to get support form people.

Australian government advisor, said this case would be difficult to make and this is why no previous government tried.

Why create stress between counties, and waste tax payers money, when it it logical that scientific whaling will not be stopped. This road leads to the BIG "R" RECSION! R**SION IS COMING! For AUSTRALIA!

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Australia Stoped Whaling in The Late 1890... Not because of Scientific Research.... or need of food it was simply unsustainable .But Japan Keeps on going into..... Australian Antarctic Territory.... and takes whales for Dog food. What a shame .That is all Japan thinks a Giant Mammal is good for. Their is no Big recession coming for Australia unlike Japan . We have our own Resources .Where as Japan needs Imports to Manufacture its Exports. If Japan Wants to Whale do it in your own waters that are becoming Polluted With Radioactive Material. Unlike Japan We only have a very small medical reactor which is built on a safe area with no Tectonic faults below it. Japan don't like the Chinese Ships in her Annexed areas Just as Australians Don't want Japanese or any other country whaling In our waters.

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Doesn't matter who's in charge, National Party is going to win.

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@ Globis - your cute little rant is waaay off topic, buddy.

Gillard is a dead woman walking. Just pass the baton over to KRudd lest Australia is turned into a Japan style, virtual one-party state! Because the way things stand - despite the Aussie economy being at the top of the developed nations best-performing economies for many years - Julia is unsellable.

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Australia is heading for a recession anyway. Their resource sector is hugely dependent on China and China's economy is slowing.

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