Australian PM tests positive for COVID


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And nobody in Australia cared even Albo!

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As it is his 2nd Covid infection and next week he is going to PNG, can Covid be such a serious disease that the world has been locked down since 2020? And yet so many people died and are dying?

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Why is this news?

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Remember last year at this time if you were "fully vaccinated" they called these "rare breakthroughs"

Now, his double plus boosted and it's his second infection.


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Now, his double plus boosted and it's his second infection.

I wonder if he took the double-plus-good jabs. Or maybe just the public got those ones...

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The technical term, at least used in the studies, for breakthrough case is actually termed "vaccine failure". Let that one sink in for a moment.

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Good grief, why is this even remotely newsworthy at this point?

The COVID has weakened now to the point that it is no worse than the flu for the overwhelmingly vast majority of those who contract it.

What's next, reporting when some world leader working at his/her desk gets a paper cut?

Time's long past for us to, for the love of God, stop allowing COVID to live rent-free in our collective heads. I stopped quite a while ago. I wish more would join me.

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Who gives a s¥¥¥!

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The NYT is reporting a 12% positivity rate over here in the States. I think that the mortality rates are as low as they are because of the high vaccination rates, although that could change with the recent antipathy toward the newest boosters. We aren't out of the woods yet.

Growing up, my Mom used to tell me her personal horror stories from living through the 1918-1920 pandemic in New York City. I used to think to myself, "Well, that was really terrible, but at least we won't see anything like that in my lifetime." Little did I know what was in store for us with the Covid pandemic.

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So many “who cares?!” posts. “Why is this news?!”

because he’s the leader of a country! And yes, Australia actually does exist (before those conspiracy-minded posters start).

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Albo has been jabbed 3 times and been infected twice, go figure.

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Masked and jabbed to the max, and he's had it twice. what a joke. So glad I never bothered.

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