Australia proposes tough cigarette packaging rules


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I have just this moment realised where my future is going to take me. I am packing to move to the wonderful land of Australia to make a fortune. I’m going into the old business of making cigarette cases. There can be nothing illegal about a person buying their cigarettes in a ugly pact and transferring them into a beautifully designed cigarette case (made by me). Money!

I have to admit to a degree of disappointment though in the Australian man, after all these years thinking of him as the crocodile wrestler type we now find that it was the Australian women that were the real power in the country. Nicola Roxon sounds like a real hard case and knows how to keep those outback lads in their place. Maybe that was the big mistake the Australian men made, when they only had sheep and crocodiles they were THE man, they just couldn’t handle women and should have kept them out of the country.

First she takes your fags and next she will take your tinnies.

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Next, if you want to buy a pack, you'll have to be shot in the leg. Left or right, you'll have to choose.

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I think it is a great idea. I hate cigs.

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Straight up. Good idea all around IMO.

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Yup. Works for me. Fine plan!

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when are going to start putting images of mutulated bodies hit by drunken drivers on cans of beer. While we are at it, lets put images of fat that has been sucked out of peoples bodies on the wrappers on those yummy burgers we eat. As long as they are not pushing it on children these are adults making decisions on their own health, they know the risks and have to make up their own minds. If this was America this would be the big government that the conservatives are scared of.

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Putting images on beer cans or burgers probably won't happen until those problems become the constant, every day, personal, in-your-face annoyances to the majority of people that cigarette smoke has been.

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