Australia raises permanent migration numbers due to labor shortage

By Renju Jose and Lewis Jackson

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Unlicensed electricians? Might it be that they are a little bit insane there?

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A "labor shortage" or "low unemployment" is socially good. It boosts wages and creates better working conditions.

This is one of those think tank terms that tries to confuse the general population into believing in things that are against their interests. I much prefer labor shortages to recessions.

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A country that knows what it's doing. Contrast that with other nations that have the highest aging rate and the lowest birth rate and that refuse to look at bringing people in and making it permanent as a potential buffer.

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It makes no sense to bring people in, have them for a few years, then get a new cohort in to adapt to the Australian work environment," Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told reporters"

Yet, this is precisely what Japan does with its foreign workers...5 years max and you are out.

Stop right there Jonny, This is about Australia in the World category. You are way-off topic, Marchelito.

You're supposed to criticize Oyaji in Australia, Tom...

Working Visa is extendable unless you are claiming what you always like to call other advanced nations have standards to treat those under WB as if they held Green Cards.

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Yes, cherry-pick from nations that need doctors, IT specialists, nurses, scientists, and so forth - how capitalist!

Meanwhile, children and adults die from Afghanistan to Kenya - from Uganda to Venezuela - because elites leave and not enough medical staff. Therefore, nations further collapse.

At the same time, the usual poor get left behind internally. So Aborigines to Native Americans to African Americans fall further behind while other ethnic groups move massively in front.

Address internal issues rather than endless temporary work, increasing the pension age, and the usual social inequalities that persist. Mass migration in the long-term is going to make parts of Europe obsolete...

I don't see African nations seeking mass Asian or European immigration. I don't see Asian nations seeking mass African and European immigration.

Just the New World nations where mass immigration replaced the indigenous - or maybe they want their culture now to be replaced just like what their ancestors did?

Some EU nations are going down the same path - yes, how lovely to see parts of Paris and London and not even realize which country you are in... Asia and Africa don't want this!

Endless similar melting pots are going to make Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and others all look the same.

Wow, what a future world!

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Imagine a country willing to treat foreign workers like humans!?!

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That boom into the global and unified looking melting pots is ending soon too. It’s by far not attractive or safe anymore, not in the above named Commonwealth countries nor in the EU. What’s the merit of some potentially higher wages, a paid afternoon nap with massage and a table tennis or yoga room at your new computer company or financial hub, when you then simply are knived down in your leisure time a few days or months later, by one wild guy or a criminal gang out of all those precarious immigrated masses waiting for you in the streets, while commuting, while shopping in the city centers, while going out to eat or party in the evening etc. No, even those countries first have to radically clean up their space and cities and refurbish there, before the real talents might come or come back.

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