Australia records significant fall in new virus cases

By William WEST

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It's great to finally see a sub-300 day here in Victoria, but as Daniel Andrews says, this is a marathon and the numbers are still far too high. The figures have been up and down for weeks, and there's no knowing what tomorrow's numbers are going to be like. At least the 7-day average is coming down, and the R number is coming down to something I think pretty close to 1 - last figure I saw was 1.16, but that was 8 days ago when things were at their worst (link below).

I support this lockdown and the use of lockdowns in general, but what worries me about fighting Covid-19 is that whatever your successes, they can be undone far too easily either by governmental mistakes or by the careless attitudes of some of your average citizens, both of which apply in our case here in Victoria. There's plenty of evidence of how fragile "victory" can be in the flareups happening elsewhere in the world. So as to what happens when we get to the other side of this resurgence and Stage 4 is lifted, who knows?

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Sure the numbers are down just like before.

If you lock everyone in their homes that is what happens.

Then they will open up again, cases will go up again and they will lockdown again, rinse repeat.

Definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

New Zealand no cases for 100 days now 7 and climbing so back to locking people in their homes.

The USA method is insane but this is lockdown, open, lockdown, open, lockdown, open system is only marginally less insane.

Sure far fewer deaths from Covid-19 but mental health issues are skyrocketing, domestic violence also and suicide rates up in every place long lockdowns have been implemented.

Is this really the trade-off we want or need?

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