Australia rejects Chinese 'economic coercion' threat amid planned coronavirus probe

By Kirsty Needham

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China's foreign ministry has attacked the proposal.

To reduce the risks of a repeat of something like this pandemic re-re-reoccurring, all nations and all health organizations must be open to understanding what happened to let this virus spread like it has, to honestly retracing steps taken, to honestly owning up to mistakes made. At all levels of government. Too bad the globe's major empires are led by people like Xi, Putin and Trump, people with histories of 'intentionally misinforming', people who know they can buy off those who might challenge them. Or even have something worse done to them.

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PTownsendToday  07:34 am JST

"Too bad the globe's major empires are led by people like Xi, Putin and Trump, people with histories "

What a joke??? What is Putin's and Trump's role in the development of the Chinese made virus?? Our president Trump took a strong stand towards WHO who played money game, and hiding the truth and protecting the leaders of China. protecting the Wuhan lab were the virus was made. The Ethiopian communist who is heading the WHO acted like a puppy for China.

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Australia has so far weathered the coronavirus' hit to their economy and they can weather these threats from the Chinese government as well.

@ non party: you should note that DT had a lot of praise for China at first. He did his usual flip-flop quite a few times.

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You're deluding yourself if you think Putin and his little muppet in the WH are angels, virus or no virus. The man-child is incompetent, and his own people are dying as a result. Strong stand? It wasn't that long ago he was praising Xi. Lost your memory like Trump?

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How much more proof do we need that the CCP is a rogue bully government that must be shunned from the International community?

Under cover of COVID-19, they're back to harassing neighbours in the South China Sea, and now trying to bully Australia into dropping a perfectly legitimate investigation.

What the other countries in the region need to do is band together as a show of strength against the CCP. That's all they understand and respect.

And PTownshend, Pukey2 and whoever else, can you keep your hatred of Trump away from stories that don't even mention him or the US?

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I notice they don't mention suspending imports of iron ore, gas or coal, materials they need from us as much as we need the income from them.

If countries are serious post Covid-19 about decreasing their economic dependence on China, they have to start somewhere. Australia is one of quite a few countries which has grown too dependent on Chinese money, and it's time for Australia to accept and to redress that, to put some new boundaries around it all.

How seriously should the Chinese threats be taken? There's a reason why Chinese students come to Australia for their tertiary education. There's a reason why they buy our primary produce. There's a demand within the growing middle classes for overseas travel experiences, of which travel to Australia, not all that far away, is a part.

The very least China can do after this epidemic is to contribute to worldwide efforts to understand how and why it happened. If China wants to be considered a responsible global citizen then it should play its part, which means cooperating with and participating in those efforts. Not trying to undermine them from the start with threats. The question is whether the Chinese government's arrogance and defensiveness will ever let them see that.

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@mochaeak you should note that DT had a lot of praise for China at first.

I recall criticizing Japan, the US and the 'west' for doing so little to counter China's implementing plans around the Pacific and Indian Oceans. I recall criticizing Japan, the US and the 'west' for becoming so dependent on China.

I like Chinese food. I like Chinese music. I have many Chinese friends and colleagues. I have utter disdain for the Chinese Communist Party and what they've done.

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Australia and New Zealand are too dependent on China. Better to focus more on India which is more benign, does not seek to bully and where there are shared interests such as cricket.

Had the world community listened to the independent nation of Taiwan re COVID-19 we would be in a much better place.

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Australia last week called for all members of the World Health Organization (WHO) to support an independent review into the origins and spread of the coronavirus, and is lobbying world leaders.

China's foreign ministry has attacked the proposal.

The Chinese government is also threatening to follow up on their viral attack on the rest of the world with more economic pressure, and political hackery. The hordes of pro-Chinese government supporters online, thru political channels, and in the media, will continue to spin China's failures as successes, and attempt to rewrite communist China's history. The only question is whether anyone is still willing to believe China's rewritten story.

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