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Australia searches ocean site for possible plane debris


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I read a simple hypothesis of what happened to this plane by an experienced pilot. Something went wrong that took out the comms, likely an electrical fire, and the pilot turned to head toward the nearest, safe-route major airstrip, before succumbing to the fumes himself. Straight back to KL would have meant flying over major mountains in a crippled plane so he diverted toward Pulau Langkawi. Then the plane, with about 6 hours fuel left, continued on autopilot until it ran out of fuel over the Indian Ocean.

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Taj, I read that hypothesis too, but according to that, the plane would have ended up heading out over The Maldives. If this is indeed the plane, then it seems that it headed off on the southern route of the 2 possible routes that the Malaysian governments said it may have possibly gone rather than straight out toward The Maldives. We'll have to wait and see, but if this is the plane, then its location doesn't really answer any questions other than hint that the course was possibly deliberate.

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The way PM Tony Abbot made this announcement to the Australian parliament makes you think that this finding is indeed a mystery solver. Australian prime minister fully knows the weight of his message to the relatives of those missing people. Ships ,planes from AUS NZ US are heading to the location. Hopefully this is it.

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Taj, it's been reported that the plane changed course before the co-pilots last radio communication. Not saying that accurate but it's what's being reported.

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It is possible for equipment to start malfunctioning or for the nav computer to give out errors in case of a fire. I think the fire scenario is not at all improbable. But we'll have to wait and see now. Hope this debris lead is what they are looking for.

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"so he diverted toward Pulau Langkawi."

Why didn't he go to Phu Quoc? That was straight ahead about same distance away and he would not have needed to cross over land. The runway is about 1000 ft short but it's capable of handling Airbuse a320s.

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Do hope the people from Malaysian Airlines are fine!!

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I hope the remains of this jet are found soon so the family members and friends of those aboard can have closure.

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Well, did the ELT get activated and sent the signal to Immarsat? Why fly so close to Diego Garcia and then disappear? They have hangars big enough at Diego Garcia to hide the plane. They also have plenty of billeting space for all passengers and crew.

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Some residents of southern Maldives islands reported seeing a large jumbo jet with red markings flying at a very low altitude 7-8hrs after MH 370 went missing.

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@Jean The Maldives government has dismissed that report. They might be wrong, though...

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We can speculate for the rest of the week but it's going to be a while before we know....

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Unfortunately the black-box recorders only record the last 2 hours so we may never know what happened in the cockpit when the faecal matter hit the fan, so to speak. Looks like a citizen deeply disenfranchised from their government, ie, the same bumbling fools in charge of this investigation.

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That is a hell of a long way off the coast - 2500 km towards South Africa! Incredible that the plane would actually end up down there. How many thousands of km's is that from where it turned around? 6000?

It's just the strangest story.

I feel really sorry for the families, but I don't think there will be any survivors down there.

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