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Australia seeks military talks with China, closer ties with Philippines

By Tom Westbrook

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Australian government cannot be half in, half out, pick a side and support the free world.

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Everybody wants to talk with Papa China..

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Everybody wants to talk with Papa China..

No, just need to tell the military chiefs in China directly, to back off. No point in talking to "dime a dozen" officials of low rank in the party.

The only other talks are how much more we will be charging China for the precious resources they can only get from Australia, when China interferes with Auatralia in international waters and airspace again.

Australian's as a general rule dont give a hoot about the CCP, its wishes or its agendas. All they need to do is become good global citizens, but CCP rule makes that almost impossible these days.

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@ToLiv: Everybody wants to talk with Papa China..

Ready to move back home?

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itsonlyrocknrollJune 2  09:50 pm JST

Australian government cannot be half in, half out, pick a side and support the free world.

On the contrary Rocknroll. Australia seeks one simple thing. A rules based free and open Indo Pacific. The request to talk to China is try and set the standard, and lay out our goals in simple , explicit terms so there is zero confusion what we stand for. Would go as far as to say that this is the base of an individuated society and culture.

China does the polar opposite, using double talk and double standards, plays by its own rules which are fluid and changes when it suits them, ( then they get upset when confronted about it ) shys away from explicit communication and prefers things to stay vague and one sided. Opportunities are taken when they appear.

The moral compass is very different for collectivist societies who tend to focus more about signaling within their group and don’t care so much about how they look and behave to the outsider. We see this very different mindset playing out in multiple arenas right now around the world. It’s more of a psychological battle than a geopolitical one. Maybe the defining battle that we all face.

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