Australia seizes meth-filled bra inserts in major drugs bust


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A healthy bust for the Aussies..

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“This has resulted in 3.6 million individual hits of ice being taken off our streets

With another 3.6 BILLION hits waiting in the wings. Or is it 36 billion. Who even knows how much of the stuff really gets tooted or smoked? But let's cheer on the odd bust and pretend really really hard that people don't like doing drugs and that prohibition is going to work sometime soon...any day now in fact.

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Wow, these guys no doubt are huge Breaking Bad fans. If not they will have time in prison to watch the show.

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Nice bust.

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"An Australian Crime Commission report published last year found that while U.S.$80 bought one gram of ice in China, users in Australia had to pay U.S.$500 for the same amount." I`d bet that if Australian meth heads went to China to score (as this sentence infers Americans do), the Chinese wouldn't be able to tell 'em apart and they'd get the same deal. Or perhaps the price differential is just an indication that Aussie interdiction is working, or that the US dope market is much more competitive?

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Australia is absolutely sick with Meth. Perth is experiencing an unprecedented crime wave due to the stuff. I hear it's horrible there at present.

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There must be lots of meth addicts in Australia if they are willing to take that kind of risk,

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That's one of the biggest busts Australia ever had

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