Australia stops 5 men with cancelled passports from taking boat to Indonesia to join jihad


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5 guys in a 7-meter aluminum boat in open water? Not even Allah could have saved them...

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Or found them. Especially had they all been given matching double-taps to the cranium and left for the fish.

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Hmm, surely let them go but don't let them come back?

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Hahaha Dreamers what were they thinking...Is that the best plan they could come up with..Thought there were only 3 stooges but now it seems there are 5 but hey even the original 3 stooges would have thought of a more feasible plan.

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notorious Australian Islamic preacher Musa Cerantonio who was detained in the Philippines in 2014 and deported for reportedly urging people to join jihad in Iraq and Syria, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation said

This guy MUST be the first person in history to be deported FROM Indonesia TO Australia

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Aly- brilliant.

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And what a great photo too. Jihady Mc Hadface. (boat name joke)

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" The men included notorious Australian Islamic preacher Musa Cerantonio " Australia needs the notorious Australian Islamic preacher Musa Cerantonio in Australia, where he can preach more Jihad. Can´t let him go now, can we!

Great thinking, Australian government.

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Again Muslims are implicated in their desire to commit acts of violence!

Time and time again it is being proven that Islamic religious teachings foment a desire to destroy and kill.

That is what 'jihad' is right?

Jihad = war

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I would have to agree with the sentiment expressed by some.. people going to great lengths to go and join a disgusting and really by most meanings evil movement, and they get stopped and brought back.. There must be some reasoning to let them go but never let them back, ever and make sure every other country that has similar values doesn't allow them in either, ever.

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Mike L- Cheers mate!

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