Australia takes on big tobacco in court


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As much as I don't like smoking, I think these guys are going too far. What next, painting all cars in olive green combined with pictures of horrible accidents? How about those nice beer cans?

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Rather than replacing the pretty packaging with gory packaging, I would much rather they fight to remove the formaldehyde, ammonia, and other junk that was added to the tobacco and also no doubt responsible for just as much illness as the natural nicotene.

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I don't know whether they're 'overdoing' or not, but I wish something would be done here. Last week I just had to leave a restaurant less than one minute after sitting down. The guy next to me was smoking. My friend had to put her wet towel over her mouth. Enough was enough. Told the waitresses I was leaving because it stank. Went to an Indian restaurant next door and asked for a non-smoking table unaware the whole restaurant was non-smoking - better interior too!

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Yeah i remember hearing about this a while back. Soon all packets will be in a brown olive box. You currently can't see the smoke packets or prices behind the counter in australia at seven elevens etc. Im a smoker but I think its good for younger generations. If you can't see packs of smokes or their prices you probably will be less inclined to try and buy some. But as a smoker I don't need to know these things, I already know what I want when i walk in and how much it will probably cost me. Also if you can't see what other people are smoking they won't know what the 'cool' brands are and that right there is the kicker for the young folks.

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This will be a loss for "Big Tobacco". Their "intellectual property rights" protect them from someone stealing their brand or work. Their brand isn't stolen on these boxes unless they want to claim their brand now involves pictures of diseased lungs and advanced cases of mouth cancer. The brand IS displayed in small, standard print on the boxes, so people can tell what is in the box. Print ads are going to have a hard time showing that, though.

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It's so hypocritical. The government tries to stop them but at the same time it's making tons of money out of cigarettes being sold. As @NambyPamby say, they don't even try to make them safer. Well, here goes another comment about how disgusting government are. Every man for himself.

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@upintheair in Australia cigarettes are around 15-$20 a packet most of that is tax, and wrightly so since the government will have get back the money lost on medicare expenses that many smokers will cost the tax payer from smoking related illness.

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As @NambyPamby say, they don't even try to make them safer.

The government doesn't make the cigarettes, the tobacco companies do. The tobacco companies absolutely will NOT make a safe cigarette because the means removing all the tar and all the nicotine. If your junkies aren't getting their nicotine fix from your product, they'll stop buying your brand. Much better to keep your cash cow flowing and pump the junkies full of their beloved nicotine.

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Anything to get people to stop smoking. Hope Japan will abolish smoking inside soon, making restaurants and bars/izakayas safe to enter.

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Ranger, once that happens, Japan will definitely hit bottom. Smoking is also a social thing. IzakayAs would close down all over Japan. Coffee shops too. People would rather stay home and smoke. Or, other businesses like snacks and kabukura would turn into a lounge where people could order food as well as smoke and mingle with young girls.

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Great stuff !

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