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Australia targets Myanmar, Iran with economic sanctions


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A little too late but good.

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Good. Myanmar needs all the help it can get. Russia and China, etc., selling the army there planes to bomb kids and civilians. Horrific.

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Australia also imposed additional sanctions on Iranian individuals and entities over “abhorrent abuses of human rights,” a government statement said.

Way to go Australia.

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Aussies playing wannabe US..

Funny pathetic, lol..

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Well the point is, Myanmar has been open to investment for a lot of Japanese companies over the last ten years because it was becoming a more stable and democratic place. Like Russia, some Japanese companies have probably been slow getting out, but a lot did as soon as the coup happened, and the Japanese government condemned it. You would expect all Japanese companies to exit now, with the welcomed increased media attention Myanmar is now getting .

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Steady on, we’re a sovereign country and I think we are old enough to impose our own sanctions and at our own discretion.

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That it sanctioned the ME democracy opposed

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Sanctioning the ME democracy opposed to Apartheid, and not the Apartheid regime shows this has nothing to do with morality or human rights, and everything to do with appeasing the American government.

PS, visit the university of Maryland's Center for International and Security Studies Iran page, and see if you still think that the rioters who want to overthrow the government and the peaceful protesters wanting more reforms to policing in Iran have any more overlap than the January 6th mob and the BLM protesters.

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