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Australia tightens restrictions as COVID-19 cases top 10,000

By Colin Packham

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Good luck trying to make australians wear masks and especially stop going to pubs.

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with how many deaths? Much ado about nothing

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No! Not the Pho! :(

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This report is very sensationalized. The cases in Melbourne are from one small hotspot. The cases in Sydney are from one small nightclub cluster on Friday night. A few of the patrons who contracted it are in the military and have spread it to the military with a handful of cases. The 10,000 cases are from the last two months, which is conveniently missing from the article. Yes, there are sone seriously stupid people keeping this virus alive, but 90% of Australia is virus free.

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Fines are big for poor people, or a restaurant bill for rich people.

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@Goodluck....but since 58% of Aussies or poor it will help to control their actions...and hopefully the virus.

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"oodluck....but since 58% of Aussies or poor"

Document that claim. According to the University of New South Wales study "Poverty in Australia 2020" 13.6% of the Australian population are estimated to live below the poverty line taking into account housing costs. Where does your 58% number come from? Please be specific.

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