Australia to expand rollout of fifth COVID vaccine shot


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There'll be no lines that's for sure! No one cares anymore just another flu like illness

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Hahahaha. I wonder if there will be a sixth shot? Hmmm... /s

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...and yes business must continue,despite any common sense...contracts are signed,money are paid and brainwashing will continue in next stage....

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Covid vaccines...Is that still a thing?

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Hahahaha. I wonder if there will be a sixth shot? Hmmm... /s

Oh yeah. They're gonna milk this as long as they can.

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Methinks there will be a big stockpile left over, as more and more people are becoming aware that for the vast majority, the risks of these jabs outweigh the benefits.

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The TGA receives 96% of it's funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

So I am not suprised they are offering to under 50's or generally healthy young people.

In contrast to many other health regulators, in countries where there is less industry funding, who aren't recommending it.

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Happy the Omicron specific is finally here.

There'll be no lines that's for sure!

I will be lining up for it, thats for sure.

I wonder if there will be a sixth shot?

If there is, I will line up for that as well. These shots are all free, but getting sick has a huge cost.

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 This has helped Australia to keep its COVID numbers relatively low compared with other developed economies.

How are their Covid numbers compared to underdeveloped economies who are much less vaccinated?

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 These shots are all free

There ain't nothing in life free son.

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But there has been a slow uptake of booster shots, with official data showing around 72% having had a third dose and only 44% their fourth one.

That's a problem with all boosters. I'm sure everyone here has their adult Tdap (every 10 yrs), Meningococcal, Hep, and MMR boosters, right? And for anyone over 65, Pneumococcal.

Anyways, I already have my next covid booster on my calendar for early May, which will probably be the last time it is paid for by my govt. After that, it will be health insurance and $160+ ... most likely.

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Get in shape. You'll be fine against A coronavirus.

Post physique son.

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These shots are all free

You have got to be joking.

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