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Australia to extend reach of tough refugee policy


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Only one thing to say to this proposal.... Good, about time!

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This is tough policy?

How about Japan's "we'll first stick you in detention until we feel like it or you want to go home, then we'll delay your request until we feel like it, meanwhile you will be an illegal and subject to deportation, then we'll grant a few spots each year for humanitarian reasons as long as you can pay the legal fees and still have a substantial amount left after" policy? Now that's a tough one, there's been maybe 100 people that have been accepted since the program started, and most on temporary visa only.

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While Japan's policy is a tough policy, a bit to tough l believe Australia is a bit of a soft touch when it comes to illegal refugees (completely different to legal refugee system). The problem is the bleeding heart greenies that want to open the doors to these queue jumpers.

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Yep that will stop the queue jumping

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I know what will stop them. John Winston Howard. He was a prime minister who put Australia's needs first. Not like the last two, who care more about appeasing the U.N. and all the minority groups here. Yeah I gotta admit I laughed at the headline too. No author name. What a surprise.

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Judging from the popularity of this move by the posters here, I herby declare as an American that I am not going to pay attention to anything you Aussies have to say about my country until I see some push back from your countrymen against this yahoo policy and redneck support for it.

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UNCR should pay the costs for keeping these people then and not expect aussies to keep forkin it out for them.

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Given your countries policies on illegal immigration. I.e. the use of detention centres, and jails to house illegals, deportation etc are much in line with our policies then I guess you are as redneck as we are???. However we do not have the liberty of building a giant fence on our border to keep out illegals like you have.

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Outta Here

You missed the predicate.

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