Australia to probe foreign influence at universities


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Australian government seems not to understand what they had been dealing with despite previous PM’s foreign language abilities-only now they are wising up?

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I don't see China as a threat to world peace, culture and economy but I cannot say the same for the US, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Greece..Come to think of it, as of yesterday the US lifted the military sanctions on Southern Cyprus (the Greek side) and now these countries are threatening Turkey and Northern Cyprus (after Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya)...And the Australian gov are moaning about China interfering with campus life of university students? Get a grip!

Australia should be more worried about false news and far right ideology that is spreading from the west. I am personally sick of reading / hearing about the tweets that xxxxx world leader posts almost everyday. What did the Australian gov do to stop the far right movement and spread of false news in the country? Hardly anything! Yes, go put the blame on the Chinese gov for everything. It has become a trend in the US and now its allies are following the suit.

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