Australia accelerates COVID-19 testing after securing 10 mil kits; dispute with China continues

By Colin Packham

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“Testing is necessary to detect and control outbreaks, if physical distancing measures are to be relaxed,”

shock horror who would have thought....

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Australia has done a fantastic job at containing the pandemic. The leadership of Scott Morrison has been outstanding.

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Australia and NZ showing how it should be done.

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With the way many Australians have absolutely ignored social distancing and shelter in place orders, it tells you something that those things aren't what's most important in controlling the coronavirus. Herd immunity comes to mind.

Even Japan, where many people erroneously believe its citizens never practiced social distancing, has dramatically lowered the infection rate.

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Scott Morrison - and he’s pointed this out himself - has not led this country’s response alone. Equal credit should go to the National Cabinet, consisting of Morrison, the State Premiers, the Territory Chief Ministers and the federal and State chief health advisors, among others. It’s been a rare suspension of political differences, and so far it seems to have worked.

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Hate China, love China, when it can make money. Follow amerika

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China and its people should be ashamed. How could anyone from China be proud?

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The kits were secured from China by Fortescue Metals Group founder Andrew Forrest, who sold them to the government at cost price of A$320 million ($209.18 million).

Oh boy. After the experience in Italy and Spain with test kits made in China, I can only wish them good luck. Sounds like 320 million wasted.

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Let’s hope these test kits are worth it and actually work, otherwise Mr Forrest will end up looking bad too.

A lot of Australians are furious with China for their reaction to the call for an inquiry. I think it’s only natural we and perhaps the rest of the world want to know how and why this happened so we are better prepared next time. If you actually read what was said by their side, well if the shoe was on the other foot we’d be in trouble!

China, economically strong perhaps but diplomatically immature.

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Dango bong:

China and its people should be ashamed. How could anyone from China be proud?

It is not about "China and its people", it is about the CCP. China and its people will have a lot of things to be proud about, once they get rid of this corrupt regime.

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Australia (unlike another country) does not make destinations between races of people. People are people regardless of where they come from. The majority of cases are Chinese or cane from China (and the US) are not publicized.

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Australia can stop Chinese investment stop exporting to China but only problem they sold themselves out long ago...

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China does not like anyone investigating anything in China. When questioned it invariably plays the victim card and suggests it is just to make China look bad. But what it does not take into account is that anything major that happens in Australia can be the subject of an inquiry or Royal commission to get the details out in the open for discussion and reflection to ensure disasters don't happen again where possible.

No doubt China is skittish with Germany and the US looking for compensation and scapegoats, and that can be understood but calling Australia names does nothing but make China look like a petulant child.

With or without China's help this issue will eventually be investigated and the more China blocks, delays or refuses to cooperate the more likely it will be found to be a large reason for this pandemic getting loose.

The fact is this is not an internal Chinese matter it has effected the world so everyone has an interest and reason to want answers.

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Yes Australia has done a vert good job to date. Which is good because they are now going to go into their winter. And China acting like their usual selves.

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Aussie’s have sold out half their country to communist China. Too late to protest, or whine.

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With the way many Australians have absolutely ignored social distancing and shelter in place orders, it tells you something that those things aren't what's most important in controlling the coronavirus.

As an Australian living in Melbourne, I can assure you that social distancing is not being ignored at all. The roads are empty, the shopping centres and even supermarkets are mostly empty. Many people are working from home and schools are closed except for children of essential workers. Several states have closed their borders. Social distancing combined with very strict restrictions on travel are what has Australia with close to the lowest number of cases and deaths per million people in the world. In Melbourne, people are being fined A$1,600 for not abiding by the social distancing laws. This includes, for example, people who attended a child's birthday party.

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Are you currently in Australia? Have you been in Australia any time in the last 4 months?

This is a disappointing response from China, because in truth, apart from providing the world with COVID19, they have been extremely helpful and generous through this pandemic, assisting other countries significantly. They have been every bit the statesman world leader they should be, in stark contrast to the US who have been selfish and snarky by comparison.

China IS the source of the virus, which they should acknowledge openly and use the obviousness of the situation to do a little navel gazing. It would be good for them, and for the rest of us too.

Come on big dog, scratch a few fleas for us.

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