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Australians warned of 'shame' if Indigenous referendum fails


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The yes vote is polling at 25% I know this tearing the local Aboriginal community apart.

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More than 200 years since British colonization, Indigenous peoples -- whose ancestors have lived on the continent for more than 60,000 years -- have lives about eight years shorter than other Australians, poorer education and are far more likely to die in police custody.

Same for Native Americans and Hawaiians. Along with lower social economic status (passing down stolen lands to your spawn can really boost the economic prospects of the colonizers, go figure.)

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The Voice Referendum:

The Argument for Voting NO


The Voice - Vote YES


Good luck

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A yes champaigner has spit in face of no voter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjcHmwE3zX0

No votes call dinosaurs and #@&) heads https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Ray+martin+call+No+votes+dinosaur

Langton has call No champaigner racist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r1T5Vw5n5U

These are Yes champaighners trying to shame no voters to votes yes.

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Creating special rights or laws based on peoples ancestry is what you absolutely shouldn't do if you want to reduce racism and division. Of course problems do exists within specific communities and racial groups, but you need to fix those problems in a way where you don't divide people based on race, that will just make sure you will have more of such problems in the future.

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The yes vote is polling at 25% I know this tearing the local Aboriginal community apart.


No need to exaggerate things, nor make up figures to suit your narrative.

The "Yes" vote is running at ~38-40% nationwide. Extremely long odds to win in 4/6 states.

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“What that excellent slogan is saying is if you’re a dinosaur or a d-head who can’t be bothered reading, then vote No,” Martin said at the event. Albanese was not alongside the five-time Gold Logie winner when he made the remarks.


Opps. how many politicians suffered that foot in mouth moment? It must have taken surgery to remove it.

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7 news debate last night. It is an actual 22 % yes 78% no. The yes vote debates got wiped with the floor. The best yes can do is to just keep quite because every time they front up somewhere they put there foot in the mouths. I was leaning towards the yes but I am undecided after the debate plus today A Aboriginal women senator a No voter made a lot of sense. She was saying they have a big problem under the age consent mothers ( girls 15 years and younger becoming mothers. In the culture the parents can grant their daughter to any elder in the clan even if the girl is 8 YEARS old and at the moment it is 16 years of age. The senator fears the voices with try to lower the age of consent to 13 years age. I don't know whether the voice can actual do that. I am still researching the laws concerning age of consent. But this is caming from an Aboriginal Senator and Mother. That why I am undecided.

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A ‘yes’ is not needed to guarantee rights to indigenous people-they already have rights

A ‘yes’ win will be used to push Australians and society apart as the LGBT issues have done.

It’s just a way to control people by the so-called rulers

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Voters will bring "shame" on Australia if they reject an October 14 referendum on Indigenous rights, a leading advocate warned Monday

Trying to shame Aussies into anything will never work. People take the piss out of each other for fun, its a national sport. The undercurrent of simple basic good will and humor gets us through, cause we all actually know where we stand and how we feel, towards our indigenous brothers and sisters. Nothing but love baby!

Wait for the after speeches from the likes of Jacinta Price , if you are worried about the countries international reputation. It won’t be made of SHAME that’s for sure. She talks straight to the heart of the issue. How labor and the Yes team keep downplaying the implications of the voice being inserted into our constitution, and how it could be used as a political weapon to serve one party over another. This apparently is the disinformation that we constantly hear about. By the sheer nature of politics , bureaucracies and human nature there’s no way that anyone can guarantee that yet another layer of government will stay unbiased, uncorrupted or neutral. Humans tend not to work that way and we have plenty of history for reference! Voices like Jacinta would be shut down big time and quick time! So why exactly do we need it, the million dollar question……everyone is asking.

Having seen a string of government officials make disastrous decisions for her own people and her own immediate family, you can understand the reservoir of resolve that keeps her going so strong, and when she speaks from experience everyone listens.

Her sharp wit , clear message, courage , intellect and humor has sealed it for many Aussies anyway. She will go down in history as the one that took the baton and ran with it. Total fanboy. Jacinta for PM. Real progress!

One positive side note is that that we now have an engaged population that actually feel like they have a bit of agency in their shared national identity again. This can only be a good thing. The turnout numbers will be interesting too. The more voices we hear the better!

Don’t underestimate Australias ability to have the confronting conversations and make the hard decisions for the greater good. No matter what the low resolution surface optics may be. Whichever way the result falls, and you never know till someone sings, it’s been a fascinating process. Hasn’t dragged out too long either, most Aussies will be happy once it’s all over. Then we can all get back to actual work being the awesome country that we are. Did my postal vote already and feel stoked to chuck my voice in.

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Ricky I to listen to Price and she make sense. Price has to run for a seat in the lower house. I know of a seat vacant, Kuyong. Yeah Kuyong and I reason she can pull it off and beat the sitting independent..

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Shes a winner Johnsan! For sure. Literally making country, for everyones mob!

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Ricky: Talk about take then piss out each other. along the NSW freeway someone has change the 110 speed limit signs to read NO by place a piece of lectro tape EG Backward slash \ between the two one numbers make it NO. You have laugh

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