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Australia welcomes Corby parole, urges privacy


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The Indonesian police should drive through Kuta and lock up all the Australian bogans wearing bintang singlets. Schapelle got what she deserved.

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It's crazy that anyone should go to jail for marijuana.

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I wish you would and fly one yourself. The Indonesian air force flys SU 27s and SU 30s, they would make quick work of you.

Why do people feel they have to meddle in the affairs of other sovereign nations?

2 ( +6 / -4 )

"welcomed"...?! What the hell?!

She committed an offence that carries the death penalty - and there are even plenty of warnings all over the airport. She should do the full sentence - I'm an Aussie and firmly believe that Australia has no say in Indonesian law & its judicial process.

I'm still baffled that she was even granted parole.

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It is not crazy to go to jail for breaking the law. I suggest you trot on down to you local police station, light up a fat boy and explain your reasoning to the po-po.

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As an Australian - I, for one have not been fascinated with her incarceration.

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If you're stupid enough to carry a substance that is illegal into another country, then you deserve the consequences. The only fascination has been the media trying to out-bid each other for exclusive interviews with various friends and family who are willing to cash in one the misfortune of one of their own. The sooner this media manufactured circus disappears from our screens the better. Pathetic.

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I admit that I'm not well up on these matters but isn't taking marijuana to Indonesia like taking coals to Newcastle ( sand to Saudi Arabia,snow to the arctic etc) I thought it would be both freely and cheaply available and certainly impossible to sell anything bought in Oz at a profit.The lass has to be com pletely innocent or,if guilty,extremely thick.

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Obviously, that would not be smart. And, even more obviously, what I'm saying is that the existence of the law itself is crazy.

But, of course, some countries like to rule their people with lots of strict rules, and some people just don't have it in them to question authority.

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Why do people feel they have to meddle in the affairs of other sovereign nations?

Maybe because the people of those sovereign nations never got a vote on such things? Maybe because human rights trump government dictates in our opinions? Maybe because Bali is heavily dependent on tourism, and we, their customers, would like to smoke a joint sometimes? Also because I have some serious doubts that the Balinese even want to be part of the sovereign nation of Indonesia.

The key reason why marijuana and other drugs are banned is simply because the powers that be think it will make us less effective workers and generate less revenue for them, as if we are their beasts of burden.

Anyway, Corby has been in jail way too long for a victimless crime, and even people who hate marijuana can see that.

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Indonesia is a democracy, people do vote. If it were important to them they would get ti on a ballot, it's not. Bali not a "marijuana tourism" destination.....that would be Amsterdam. She was caught with 4.2 Kg., that is not recreational use, that's trafficking and 20 years in not excessive for trafficking.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

It's stupid that it's illegal in the first place, so the amount is irrelevant.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Bali not a "marijuana tourism" destination

Hmmm...Someone should pass this information along to all those young Indonesians selling it on the streets and beaches of Bali.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

Indonesia is a democracy, people do vote

Please tell me in what year the people of Bali voted on the legality of marijuana.

Please tell me in what year the people of Bali voted to be part of Indonesia.

Real easy questions there.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Tell me what year the people of Bali petitioned to have either of those issues on the ballot.

Tell me when the people of Japan voted on the legality of marijuana.

Tell me when the people on Okinawa vote to be part of Japan.

As for some young Indonesians selling marijuana on the streets in Bali, some of those very people are cops.....ask the young Japanese lad who spent time in Indonesian prison for buying it.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Well, I bet you could tell me the five "D"s of dodge ball if I asked.

As if people are going to petition for a referendum on an issue for which they could be hanged! Its taken decades of civil disobedience to achieve legalization even in places where sentences are light.

My tip for the day is to research the difference between a democracy and a representative democracy.

And none of this exchange between us has any bearing on the natural right of people to do things that harm none but themselves. The criminalization of marijuana is a medieval legal concept.

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