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Australia welcomes drought-easing drenching, even as it brings floods


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Wow, fantastic news! Brimming with both water and relief!

So all those clever people who dug dams, ponds and holding tanks recently will be jumping with joy I can imagine.

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99% of this year 2020 and late 2019 were intentionally started by humans. Especially November 2019 bushfire started by idiot thrown fireworks into the grass and it started firing and lost 500 homes as well as wildlife in NSW. This year 2020 bushfire was intentionally and deliberately started by humans. 24 people were charged with deliberately started bushfire and another 40 juveniles were also taken legal action against them and for starting a bushfire by Police in NSW alone.

I do not surprise about rain come to NSW, QLD, VIC and other parts of Australia after living 25 years in Australia. Former PM Tony Abbott had called for the building Dams in QLD for a long time. QLD has always flood in the summer rain and that rain water store in the Dam can be distributed to the drought affected areas by pipeline and canal system. The silly Green and environment activities have against this idea and citing the Dam will damage the environment and wildlife.The silly Green, Anti-climate activists, Extinction activists and environment activities don't want to make better planet and they only wanted to point fingers at peoples who trying to make our planet better. They are living off the good life with donated money and they make some noise. However, they don't care their noise was right or wrong. It was their true character.

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