Australian student missing in North Korea


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Some people might say he's naive because he's very pure and believes in ... doing good," she added.

What's doing good about being a student and tour guide? I am concerned there has been no contact from him for a while, but come on, surely there are other unis he could have enrolled in


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Twitter account still active apparently.

More background here:

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Stealing political banner? Well that might subject to be capital punishment!

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"Having earned a master's degree in Korean literature from Kim Il Sung University, he lived in North Korea last year."

What!? Why!? Did not Australia know the Japanese abduction issue? I couldn't find the right word. Sorry, "Are you lightly thinking about peace?".

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He's got a right to pursue whatever he's interested in. If that's North Korea, then fair enough.

I had a look at his blog - it looks innocent enough. Restaurants, fashion, breakfast cereals - but what looks innocent to us might seem suspicious and subversive to a paranoid and isolationist regime. I guess.

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Agreed. Looks pretty benign to the casual observer.

In fact he must have been doing a sterling job for DPRK tourism.

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Maybe DPRK are reverting to good old Juche, i.e. "we do not need the rest of the world".

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Before Alek was detained, he seemed to enjoy the generous treatments from the North Korean regime (NKR). In his blog titled From Perth to Pyongyang, Alek boasted, "I'm free to wander around the city, without anyone accompanying me. Interaction with locals can be limited at times, but I can shop and dine almost anywhere I want." At first, this statement appeared to well serve both Alek, as a tour guide, and the tourism in North Korea.

Like those who understood the danger of, and still insisted in, eating the liver of the Fugu, I believe that Alek Sigley really deserved to be in this current situation.

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All freedoms, including freedom of choice, are lost when they move to North Korea. I think that publishing a blog without permission may be considered as spying.

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Is a degree earned at a North Korean university even good anywhere else in the world? Why would a foreigner choose to attend a university in a place like NK? There had to be better options available. I hope Pyongyang U. wasn't his 'safety school'...

Either way, I hope he shows up, but it's hard to feel sympathy for someone who chose to be in a place where bad things happen to foreigners regularly.

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