Australian attorney general denies rape allegation


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What is the legal age of consented sex in Australia?

I read on another reputable site that he was gay, but I might be mistaken. Looking for that source now.

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What is the legal age of consented sex in Australia?

The legal age of consent in Australia is 16. As the article states, at the time of the allegation the girl was 16 and I think Porter would have been 17 or 18. Not that any of that would matter if a rape took place.

The police decision not to launch an inquiry reflects the fact that a legal case would be impossible to prove. I saw the woman's lawyer on TV a couple of nights ago and he seemed to accept both the police's decision and that reality. The problem is that the woman never made a statement to the police, only wrote a letter which (I think) was found by her friends last year and forwarded by them to the police in two states and to various politicians. Whatever really happened 30-odd years ago, one letter isn't enough to prove anything in law.

Porter seemed genuine in his denial today, and he's entitled to the presumption of innocence, but something happened in the dead woman's life to make her commit suicide. We don't know any of the details. Porter said that he and the girl hung around together as part of a group of four who were interested in public speaking and debate. You would think that one of that group might have something useful to say that might throw more light on the relationship between Porter and the girl, if indeed there was anything more to the relationship than Porter claimed today.

If the woman was telling the truth, then because of the lack of evidence and the time elapsed justice has not been done and may well never be. If her accusation was untrue, a distortion of something that never happened, then Porter, whose career is well and truly over now, no matter what he or PM Scott Morrison may think, is the victim. Either way, it's a very sad and grim story.

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Either way, it's a very sad and grim story.

Your comments are a cogent assessment of this situation. There is no way to know the truth. Since it involves a person in politics it is likely that the story will be made less recognizable by political calculations.

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There should be a rape team available to all police stations all over the world, made up of women who can create a respectful and professional environment for women and men who have been raped

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The allegations are serious, rape is a heinous crime.

Porter was forced to come forward after senior lawmakers last week received details of allegations that in 1988 Porter raped a then 16-year-old girl who committed suicide last year before making a formal complaint to police.

These allegations, can never be proven, at the same time 50-year-old Christian Porter -- the government's top lawyer and a former prosecutor, will struggle to clear his name.

Christian Porter, his neighbors, his friends, his colleagues, his future clients will have at the back of there minds, no smoke without fire.

The photo displays the quandary. that thought did he or didn't he?

The court of public opinion and social media dictates that a life sentence. Take no prisoners

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"Australia's attorney general on Wednesday outed himself as the unnamed cabinet minister accused of raping a 16-year-old girl, denying the decades-old allegation" 

The attorney general, the highest law enforcement office in the country. One word actually two words:

Utterly disgusting.

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lets be clear here the court of public opinion and social media dictates Christian Porter, is guilty without any means to be proven innocent.

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 One word actually two words:Utterly disgusting.

and it will be if hes found actually guilty, lucky for him he lives in Australia and a person is presumed innocent until the evidence is shown in court to prove his guilt

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It really should have been cleared up decades ago, I feel sorry for the deceased to live a life tainted of negative self worth, and at the same time angry a (yet to be proven) anul rapist is now the attorney General? I hope we can move forward if you are attacked, go straight to the police, it's hard and uncomfortable, lead the way don't be shy, that only leads to self loathing, and death. The perpetrator is the scum not the victims

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More clickbait headlines and sensationalism that downplays the fact he was 18 and the accusation is 32 years old.

Another example of how low modern "journalism" has fallen.

The attorney general, the highest law enforcement office in the country. One word actually two words:

Utterly disgusting.

And another sad example of how easily superficial and incurious people will lap it up.

Judge, jury and executioner without knowing a single relevant detail.

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I think some people are so free these days to go round digging someone's past to destroy another's career. Same goes with NY Governor Cuomo's case.

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Porter appeared in front of the cameras a day after police said they found "insufficient admissible evidence to proceed" with a prosecution in the case.

Sounds like Australians don't trust their police. Institutional rot?

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So the allegation is against a man who is currently 50 years old, but the crime is alleged to have occurred in 1988. 1988 was 33 years ago, so the man was 17 at the time of the alleged rape. The woman was then 16. The article, the accusers and some who are posting on this thread make it appear as if an adult man raped a 16 year old girl, noting that sex between an adult and a minor is considered to be rape regardless of the circumstances. One poster above even asked why a 50 year old man is having sex with a 16 year old. But the reality is that both were minor teenagers one year apart in age 33 years ago when this alleged rape happened. In the US at least English legal tradition is that the burden of proof is on the accuser and that one cannot be convicted unless there is a proof beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed the alleged crime. In this instance I do not see enough evidence to convict. There is no way to prove anything untoward happened, no physical evidence and the accuser is dead.

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