Australian police shoot terror suspect dead after two officers stabbed


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Suicide by cop?

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@sensei258 - what a crap useless comment. Cops did what they had to do. End of story.

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One rodent exterminated. There are many more walking the streets that need dealing with.

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One less on the way to Syria.

But what a pointless waste - even if the guy spent most of his time living out his Jihadist fantasies on the internet, as seems likely.

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Our members had no inkling that this individual posed a threat to them

Excuse me? I thought he was a terror suspect being investigated by police for expressing a political view with a flag who had his passport revoked without any sort of due process. They should not be summarily revoking people's passports.

I said earlier that Australia would face retribution for its recent overbearing actions, and even though this not the form I imagined, there it is already. I do not believe the Australian government is truly bothered by this incident however. For them, its a cassus belli for more human rights violations in the name of security, but will only lead to more incidents.

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Abu Muhammad al-Adnani ( Scum of the Earth ) and his kind need to be found and re educated ( Sarcasm ), This type of scum need to be eradicated and those who are influenced by these hateful ones need to be curtailed.

By the way who are the allies bombing now are they the Syrian supporters or the militants, and how would anyone know who's side any of them are on? Are these guys Assad supporters or opposition, hard to follow any more and quiet honestly I gave up following the news form this part of the world since its all about religion, death, violence, terror, horror and squander, there are other things going on that are a little brighter and lighter to deal with than that.

It seems to me that they change sides and course at the drop of a hat, one minute an enemy the next a freedom fighter then become terroists

Perhaps the solution is arm them all and let them sort them selves out or arm none and bomb the lot into submission.

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" The recent so-called fatwa from overseas making reference to Australia as a target has no religious authority and must be rejected,” he said. “Protection of human life is one of the five basic rights in Islam. "

He should discuss that with ISIS, Al Nusra, Boko Haram, Hamas et al. Obviously, their clerics have a very different interpretation of the Koran.

It seems a tad easy to me to simply dismiss islamic fundamentalism by delcaring that all of these dozens of groups, all lead by religious scholars, somehow got it wrong.

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