Australian court upholds landmark suit against Johnson & Johnson


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I know a woman who has suffered terribly from this. It is appalling, what the companies have done to these women. All the money Johnson & Johnson reluctantly hand over will not be able to make up for the damage they have done.

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Things happen with humans and medicine. We are still not yet in the Star Trek era, and even then we will just be human and lose massively

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An unimaginably horrific result for these poor women who "trusted their doctor" and became the victims of, as usual, Corporate psychopathy. The usual risk assessment: 'Can we suck more in profits than we will lose in tort settlements for the hideous injuries we KNOW will occur?'. And it's NOT J&J per se but our broad tolerance for Corporate pathology in general that allows these sorts of injuries. Corporate protection of management from criminal charges when criminal decisions have clearly been made with full knowledge of possible outcomes should be abolished. When the danger is known, but the risk is minimized to a naive victim, there can be no defense against 'premeditated' by those who stand to gain from that obfuscation. The classic case is the 'Dalkon Shield' case, A.H. Robins, under Federal Judge Miles Lord of Minnesota and is a good read in Corporate morality whoever reports the case. Caveat emptor! And no more required than when contemplating serious medical intervention. Do your homework because YOU will BE the result...!

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Good...X-Cellent !

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