Australian drug trafficker Corby released from prison in Bali after 9 years


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HURRAY!! I've been following her story since she was arrested! I am so happy for her that she has been released! =)

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9 years in prison... 3 years parole

a 3 million dollar interview to go with the 3 million her family made during her incarceration.

And they say crime doesn't pay...

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I would pass on 6 million AUD to spend 9 years in that prison though.

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In the title she is called a "Drug trafficker"...even though Corby has always maintained her innocence... If she really is innocent it must have been very very hard to keep her mind together.

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Considering the "kangaroo court"(no offence to actual kangaroos) that the Indo system is, though she is officially a convicted trafficker in a plant, she very well may be innocent. The next three years may be the hardest for her, though.

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The only people who could possibly have planted the stuff would have been one of her very own family members - all undesirable people. I feel no compassion for the woman, but she has served her time and deserves to be left alone. Unfortunately her family will want to milk this for all its worth and we'll have to put up with the BS campaign they'll tell while they get paid a handsome amount for it.

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"The only people who could possibly have planted the stuff would have been one of her very own family "

No, this is not correct. As was revealed in later Australian police investigations and legal cases, baggage handlers and other airport workers were regularly inserting drug shipments in passengers luggage on flights from Queensland to Sydney (and other domestic locations).

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She should have done her full prison term, if not more. Anyone possessing nine pounds of that poison forfeits their right to be a member of civilized society. Indonesia should have let her rot in jail.


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What a mess! If she was innocent, I feel sorry but if she really knew she had 9 pounds of drugs and is just playing the race card to make others feel sorry for her?? Then I do not think she should have been released. Australia should not let her profit 1 cent from this crime. Just imagine how many druggies out there and saying, hey mate, let's take some drugs up to Bali and make a fortune, even if we get arreseted, them Indonesias would not dare hang White Aussies, right mate??

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