Australian family wakes to find crocodile in living room


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These Aussies are so lucky they were not passed out on the floor from drinking too many FOSTERS and becoming that croc's asagohan, right??

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Well,I`ll stop complaining about the odd cockroach here and there in that case!

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Yowza! Glad everyone is safe, and glad that in the end they could save the croc as well. Lucky dog, too!

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Yup, I can think of some places where the hapless animal would be 'dealt with' by the local Ryoyukai and end up in a nabe doused in soy sauce.

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I wonder if it's Mating Season for them to be so bold at this time?

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Vernie, is that question about Aussies or about the crocs?? Mating season down under??

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Maybe he just wanted to watch some Steve Irwin reruns on TV and have a vegemite sandwich...

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I'll bet that croc was hungry.

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Good thing the Shonan Maru wasn't there or the family would have been arrested for interfering with official dining.

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Happens all the time. No worries mate.

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Other countries, other hazards...

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"the summer months between December and January"

I know that's not an inaccurate statement... but man is that a weird sentence to read.

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I would be buying some extra treats for that dog if I were its owner! Good Boy!

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What would Crocodile Dundee do in this situation mates?? Have a nice cold Foster's and put some shrimp on the barby??

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Maybe move overseas and experience various cultures before giving opinions on what they would do or not? You like to post a lot here mostly based on stereo-types.

As for your comments and views posted here speak to you local SG leader in Koganei. If you are member of the local SG or SGI that is. The Soka Gakkai I know is very different from what you are posting here and their views(not a member but got friends and know government officials who are).

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In awhile crocodile............. as it leaves off with crocodile tears...............

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