Australian flood crisis heads south to Victoria


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Is this a levee problem? If it happens often enough, they should have done something about it long ago. Maybe if the contact FEMA, they can learn what they really should not do.

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Sorry goddog, but your way off the mark again. Its got nothing to do with levee's or lack of, and it actually doesnt really happen that often. I think if you read the news reports (from Australian sources) you would see it purely has to do with the amount of rain that has fallen in the past few months all over eastern Australia.

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Once in 120 Years!! freak occurence

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Indeed, as AdamB said, it is purely about the amount of rain that has fallen. Approximately 1 to 2 years ago, the Murray-Darling basin was in danger of being declared dry as a bone. As such the Federal government and several of the state governements tried to set up a program where water would be transfered from the desalination plants and treatment plants into the basin so as to prevent it from dying completely. This program kept on getting stalled due to Victoria's government demanding higher priority and taxing whatever water came through to South Australia.

Somewhat fortunately there has been enough rain in the last couple years that this is no-longer a problem, the reverse of that now is that we currently have too much water that we can't hold it all for the dry times.

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Is this a levee problem? If it happens often enough, they should have done something about it long ago.

I think you are referring to the QLD flooding, and in fact some have suggested that that might be the case-- an official inquiry is currently underway so you might just have to wait for results.

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