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Australian foreign minister backs some decriminalization of some drugs


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have fun when your brains are completely fried!!

Marijuana doesn't "fry your brains". That is complete nonsense.

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Only idiot fools think it is ok to legalize all of these drugs, keep on smoking and have fun when your brains are completely fried!!

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If weed was legal, how could a police officer test you for driving under the influence of weed correctly? legalizing weed is fine, should be done but they should continue to educate people on how it's not going To help there lives just like alcohol and tabaco. Also smoking anything is harmful to your lungs, vaporizing Should be more wide spread. For instance trying to get a cancer patient to use it for medical reasons, people Who are sick want nothing to do with smoking something. People in Japan have no drug education, it's all hearsay And they believe each other like a religion.

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Certain drugs should be regulated and taxed and certain drugs should be treated with zero tolerance and users, holders and manufacturers should be punished via the judicial system. IT is about rational drug policy not a free for all or strict anti-drug state. This is what is lacking, a rational element. No one, well not many, wants speed or coke or heroin to be legal and sold at the local quickie-mart. I think if you treat pot like alcohol and regulate its use and tax it, you would see an increase in tax revenue as well as drop in expenditure used to lock people up. Plus you would not be creating a class of criminals who would forever be labeled as such and in reality are often very legal and stable citizens. This last aspect is the real plus and sadly the real loss in the USA and increasingly in place like Australia and Japan.

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Should be made legal except for distribution which will be done in state approved stores. Thus the drugs would be of a know purity and strength. The vast amounts of overdoses is because the drug is stronger than usual. Just like at how well the war on drugs has worked? In America the police often knock down the wrong doors leading to death and injury. A no warning knocking down of the door in Oklahoma often brings about gun fire from non criminal residents afraid their home is being invaded by thugs.

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In my experience Marijuana is good for me. Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine not so much. I stand by my choice.

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Pity marijuana is seen as just as bad as cocaine and heroin here in Japan...

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I think some of you are confused between decriminialization and legalization. Decriminalization means you can't get charged for possessing small amounts or using it personally in your own home but it may still be possible to be fined in, say public places. It can't be legally bought or sold in shops etc. Legalization obviously means you can buy it in shops, etc....and there is not criminal charges associated with it whatsoever. The point is, the fact that it is a criminal offense does not stop people who want to smoke it from doing so. The do so regardless. Bob Carr is but one man, but I welcome the conversation. I'd be really keen to see what the community really thinks about this.

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Smoking weed causes psychosis for many people who have never smoked it. Strange behaviour- where they feel it is better to lock somebody up in a prison for 10 years rather than to let them be at home watching TV, listening to music, or even making music,the same kind of music that they themselves probably grew up on. Marijuana and other non toxic drugs are not for everyone----but alcohol, cigarettes, are far worse for many people-and I say this as some one who drinks 2 bottles of wine a day and smokes as many cigarettes as I have to.These are the only drugs I am addicted to and I have taken nearly every illegal drug that exists.

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Making drug use a medical issue not a legal issue would be a big help. Just for a moment imagine drug users getting their hit cheep (no need for crime) and having access to help, and medical intervention...much cheeper than the inflated Police budgets. If the state supplies the hit it's not economic for dealers, blood tests to verify addiction and rejection of people not in the category would result in the uneconomic dealing and reduction of said drugs. Make it a medical issue not a rebellious action and the problem will be solved.

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Grass should be mass-produced in government controlled plantations and heavily taxed for users, the same as tobacco and alcohol.

Does the government in Australia control the production of tobacco and alcohol? I doubt it. Sure, tax it, but people will still have the choice to grow their own.

Definitely, marijuana should be legal for adults. And with the hard drugs, the focus should change from a criminal one where non-violent drug offenders are thrown into jail to a medical one where the focus is on prevention and treatment,

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400 Australians die from illicit drug use. How many people die from alcohol intake? It might be higher than you think. How many families have been affected by alcoholism? How many people die from cigarettes? Alcohol and cigarettes are government-backed drugs, but quite unhealthy. Marijuana is no big deal.

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Every adult should have the right to use it responsibly.

Please define responsibly! There are billions of 'un-taxed' dollars tied up with the drug trade in Australia without counting the cost of the police man-hours to enforce the current laws. If Bob Carr intends to make a difference he needs to go all out and do it properly. Grass should be mass-produced in government controlled plantations and heavily taxed for users, the same as tobacco and alcohol. And, should be sold with the same restrictions, ie, age limits and sever penalties for abuse. It is one thing to say, "legalize it!" but setting it up as a viable industry is another. What's your plan Bobby?

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His brother died from illicit drug use. He knows that. He wants to legalise drugs that do not kill or harm people so that law enforcement can crack down harder on the truly dangerous substances. People do not die from marijuana overdoses as the lethal dose is so large that no one ever consumes anywhere near that amount.

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Every year some 400 Australians die from illicit drug use.

And this guy wants to legalize illicit drugs? Sheer madness.


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