Australian hiker rescued after crawling for two days with broken leg and wrist


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Wow! Amazing story.  Hope he fully recovers and is able to get back out there again!

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You should always tell somebody where you are going and when you'll be back. He's lucky he didn't run into a brown snake on his crawl. They are very common in that area and are just starting to become active after winter. He's very lucky!

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Very lucky to have been found.

""Straight away, I thought, 'I'm now in a lot of trouble because no-one knows where I am,"

Should be a mantra.

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As an experienced hiker and a guide, I guess he thought the rules didn't apply to him. Going into the bush alone w/o telling anyone is a rookie mistake. He's lucky he lived.

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A movie in the making. This reminds me of 48 hours.

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I learned it from reading Jack London: Never travel in the wilderness alone.

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this just proves my opposition to exercising in the Aussie bush is totally valid! Anyrime I want to see nature, I just turn on a tv nature show. If, one day, I stupidly decide to exercise again, I'll set up a tv in front of my high tech exercise bike, and 'go for a ride in the bush', can't get bitten, fall off a waterfall or get lost!

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