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Australian liner facing growing coronavirus crisis off Uruguay

By Gabriela VAZ

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The state of the art cruise ship, built in 2019, was on a voyage to Antarctica and South Georgia organized by Australian tour company Aurora Expeditions, leaving the Argentine port of Ushuaia on March 15.

March 15. Covid-19 already raging worldwide, the examples of the Diamond Princess and other cruise ships staring the operators and the passengers in the face, and still this cruise went ahead. You can say the passengers should have known better, but the tour company should have the book thrown at them and never operate again for allowing this cruise to happen. Presumably, they didn't want to have to cancel and issue refunds.

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That port is at -68 deg latitude in Patagonia, fairly remote. World problems seem really far away when you are down there.

People doing this sort of travel are probably checking a bucket-list, once in a lifetime, item. They were going unless the ship sank, which would have their travel insurance pay off. These are 25+ day trips for

US$22,000+, per person.

Gong to Uruguay 2300km away is not part of the normal itinerary.

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