Australian man survives croc attack by gouging its eye


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Lucky dude.

They make them tough in Oz.

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Spitfire - They make them tough in Oz

We are taught to do that in primary school. :D

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Gouging the eyes of any animal attacking you is often the best defense. Keep that in mind when you see a pitbull.

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Mick J. Crocodile Dundee!

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Their numbers have exploded since they were declared a protected species

Interesting. Are they good eating? Sounds like a little sustainable utilization might be in order.

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After a few minutes, he said he managed to get on top of the croc and pin its jaws shut. "And then, I think both the croc and I had a moment where we're going, 'well, what do we do now?'"

This is legendary, not just for the mental picture it evokes but also that both of them could agree to part ways without any further melee combat.

"The area is known croc country and people in the area are reminded to always be crocwise,” the department said in a statement.

I shall do that the next time I'm down there haha.

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Craig Dickmann, who made a split-second decision to go fishing last Sunday in a remote part of Northern Australia known as "croc country " last Sunday

He didn't think twice about it. Sure it was last Sunday?

Are they good eating? 

Don't know about eating them but they're good for shoes and purses.

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Some like eating crocs, I didn't (tasted like chicken and oily fish) and, at the time, I was in the crocodile sanctuary in Darwin when I tried it in the cafe there, while looking at young crocs being fed... that was back in 1993.

Also, they can get much bigger than 3m and one tonne. I thought these huge logs in the middle of the crocodile sanctuary were logs for them to rest on... until these leviathans moved... living dinosaurs... terrifying!

Had dinner with an Aboriginal man who had been attacked, drunk, he fell into a furrow made by the Wet Season (as locals call ot there) and went head first into the open jaws of a croc, who was waiting for someone to stumble along, he did the same, eye gouge, it let him go.

I was told they watch you, and my guest warned me, "Never go down to the river at the same time two fays in a row, because the second day, a croc will be waiting for you!

I thought, "What the hell? Are they wearing watches?"

Nearly, they remember the position of the sun, via shadows etc, like a sun dial in a way, so experts believe.

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