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Australian military to recruit some noncitzens in a bid to boost troop numbers


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Not so sure about that….

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This is still a very contentious subject in the Australian parliament. They have stated that permanent residents from certain countries who have lived in Australia for over a year can apply but they must apply for citizenship within 90 days of joining the military. New Zealanders can join this year. Next year they plan to allow Canadians and Americans. However, they have not ruled out Chinese and this is causing a lot of trouble because the the recent spying allegations.

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Non-Americans can join the military as a pathway to citizenship.

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Don't know what to think about this other than that the Australian Labor Party's main goal is to appease China. Particularly this government, all they've done is appease, appesse, bend over and appease, and appease again.

They even asked the CCP to criticise them publicly so they can claim anti-China credential.

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wallaceToday 05:47 pm JST

Non-Americans can join the military as a pathway to citizenship.

But they have to be permanent residents.

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Australia recruiting mercenaries? Aussies don't want to serve?

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Not really a new thing. I did my army basic training with an ex soildier ( white ) who had served in the Rhodesian army. He was not yet an Australian citizen, but citizenship was being fast tracked to ensure he could serve. He had also already been approached by the Australian SAS to try out for that branch of the service.

This sort of fast tracking has been going on for decades to get those with experience that is needed is the services.

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When the draft was in effect up to the early 1970's, even someone on student visa had to register and was subject to the draft. The US has drafted and recruited non-citizens for generations.

it is not necessarily a path to citizenship. The same residency length and requirements apply unless serving during a designated time of war. the time is reduced from 5 years to 3 years.

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wallaceJune 4  05:47 pm JST

Non-Americans can join the military as a pathway to citizenship.

Yes they can, but from certain countries. There were quite a number of Filipinos in the Navy when I was in, but they started out at the enlistment bottom (E-1) and worked their way up the ranks. I also had an Egyptian roommate at my last command. However, these foreigners can only work in a limited number of fields. 'Basic stuff'. They did not have access to or could work in fields or trades where classified document clearances were required like I did. You have to be a US citizen for that stuff.

However, if these foreign service members have a clean record and serve honorably for an X number of years, they are eligible for US citizenship and many of them get it. Also, in the Armed Forces in order to be an officer one must be a US and have a college degree.

This is nothing new or unusual really. We know about the French Foreign legion. The Roman Empire had their 'auxiliaries' in their armies who were Germans, Persians, Arabs, Nubians, etc. So why not Australia too?

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Mr Kipling

June 4 06:56 pm JST

Australia recruiting mercenaries...

Mercenaries means they work for a private military/security company and are hired by australia. What this is talking about is taking people and sending them into the Australian military. They wouldn't be mercenaries anymore than Canadians who join the us military.

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And help infiltration from their advisories, just like how clinton allowed chinese to hold Top Secret Clearances and then it was found a P-8 Commander was a Spy (in Florida).

Great idea, good luck with that.

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It is a fact that the global trend is for people to be more reluctant to be part of the military forces..

In a future increasingly civilized world, the military will be less necessary..

Countries have to recruit desperately, in the best style of the comedian of the kyiv regime...


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It is a fact that the global trend is for people to be more reluctant to be part of the military forces..

Yes, very true, until China came on the scene, then that trend totally reversed.

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