Australian mother abandons children to join IS


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These Muslim women know that they are volunteering to became so call comfort women to these war criminals.

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Cult mentality attracts idiotic crazy folks to join a cult in the first place. IS and the other extremists are all participating in the largest cult ideology in the world. If the teachings of Islam weren't skewed in the first place, none of this would be happening.

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The children are better off without their so called "mother," no real mother ever leaves her children.

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What an idiot. Sooner or later, she'll be killed.

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I welcome her decision and hope that she convinces many, many more of her Muslim brothers and sisters to leave their adopted homeland and never return.

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good and don t come back

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Poor kids. Seems like their mother is throwing away a chance to nurture and spend valuable time with her beautiful family.

She'll regret running off to join an extremist organization, that not only massacres those that don't follow their inflexible doctrine, but also one that treats people of her gender like dirt.

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I just can't understand these women who leave to join IS. Their parents left their home countries to allow their children to grow up in a free society and enjoy certain liberties and education and they throw it all away to get force-married, enslaved, raped and tortured.

The only good thing is that this mother won't be able to teach her kids the hate that IS spreads, the kids are better off without her.

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Shame on the mother. That is no way a mother should act. Maternal abandonment leave the children to deal with significant emotional, mental and psychological after effects. A child may develop poor self-esteem, have difficulty expressing their emotions, experience confusion and feel guilt, believing that he or she did something bad that made mother leave. Abandoning children is a cowardly act period.

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Did she really go, or Did her Husband Kill her its Funny She went and He did not go with her..

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Ex-husband..... The poor kids pay the price. She'll someday realize her mistake after being used and abused.

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Big mistake. Huge, in fact.

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I feel bad for her family, but I take solace with the horrible track record that part of the world has for treating women. She'll soon realize she's made a big mistake, if she hasn't already.

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Go, do not come back and your kids will eventually be better off without you… oh! fat chance she will ever have the freedom to access the Internet to read this, to have an option of returning etc. As many have, she will be abused by the 'purists' as tainted by the West and she will suffer. Draw a clear line, Australia. You go to join terrorists - you don't come back. Passport nulled. You made your choice of your own free will. End.

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The kids are OBVIOUSLY better off WITHOUT her.

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Next thing is she may ask for permission to come back...

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.....she will. Sounds like a young mom with regrets becoming a wife and mother looking for freedom. Yes I said freedom, so she thinks!

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...and another human of abysmally-low intelligence has drank the Kool-Ade. A potential candidate for this year's Darwin Award.

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Turkey may indeed be a NATO member but Erdogan himself wants nothing to do with western ideals and is turning toward a more conservative muslim agenda. as for this case, Sayonara,Sucker!

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Maybe they are on holiday?

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At least the children are getting a better life out of this. Milovanov sounds Russian to me....

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@ BurningBush. These people are smuggled across the border, they rarely use proper channels to enter Syria. The Turkish authorities have stopped several British citizens on the way to join IS. I suggest you watch a BBC documentary called Britain's Jihadi Brides, it shows how they get to Syria.

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her kids are now safer, away from her.

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Got NTRed

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