Australian MPs delegation to visit Taiwan


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Is this the same Taiwan that just voted overwhelmingly against Pro independence parties and FOR parties that are basically pro China?

The anti China news outlets were pretty quiet on that story weren't they.

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They had better hurry as Tsai Ing-wen has resigned due to the anti China policy her party chose at the local election failed so badly.

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China has been angered by Australia's willingness to legislate against overseas influence operations,

That is a matter entirely for Australia. Does China allow overseas nations to influence local official and CCP elections (assuming they have any)? I would say they do not allow it, so how is it they are angered by Australia securing itself from foreign intervention? Is it because it stops China itself from interfering? Yes, it is.

its ban on Huawei from 5G contracts

All Chinese business must open all data to the CCP upon request. No security in that for foreign nations. Why would you put all data in front of the CCP? Smart nations dont.

and its call for an independent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

It would not matter where the virus originated, that call would still have been made because it impacted Australia greatly and cost a large amount of money, plus caused significant deaths in the nation. Australia has every right to call for an independent investigation. It is not political, it is medical. China lost the plot on that covering up anything that may have embarrassed the CCP. Like arresting the first doctors to report a major issue with a new sickness.

I hope China does not use this as another excuse to launch war games around Taiwan or to attack Australia through the press. Relations between Taiwan and Australia are none of China's business.

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Australian delegation visiting Taiwan? Too soon after Nancy's visit!

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Is this the same Taiwan that just voted overwhelmingly against Pro independence parties and FOR parties that are basically pro China?

The people are sick and tired of the DPP. They voted for peace over tensions in cross straights relations.

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The Australians, as good US lapdogs, always imitate the buffoonery that the US does..

They can make the trips they want, ONE CHINA's policy is unstoppable and it is not convenient for any of these countries to go against the unstoppable Chinese economic locomotive..

The future is RED...

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Is this the same Taiwan that just voted overwhelmingly against Pro independence parties and FOR parties that are basically pro China?

Yes indeed, sir! I'm surprised you knew about this, because this piece of news was quickly buried under everything else in the western MSM. In fact, the timing of the 'massive' protests in China being reported in western MSM seems very suspect to me.

But thank you, Nancy, for scaring the bejesus out of the Taiwanese - they realized they don't want to be cannon fodder in America's next war. They've seen how the Ukraine situation has turned out. Back in the early days when elensky was going to have negotiations with Russia, Boris Johnson, at the best of Master USA, rushed over to tell him that Ukraine must fight to the death. The Taiwanese want stability and the status quo, as was the case with former president Ma, not to be in the middle of a war zone. Their chip industry has already been half destroyed by America. Factories shifted to Arizona - a great place in the middle of the desert. You know, not like the industry needs water (or even skilled workers).

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Australian MPs delegation to visit Taiwan:

Ugly Australian politicians, bowing to the demand of US with the sole aim of currying favor from US & belittling China.

Madam Tsai is hopeless & hapless, kowtowing to the west all the time, only to lose badly in local elections at home..

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So many CCP lapdogs that did not bother to read the article properly.

This is not a governmental visit and even the PM is not aware of the intent of these "backbencher's" which is an indication it is for trade for local businesses in those members area's. New buyers for wine that has been hit by Chinese tariffs, crayfish for Taiwan's restaurants etc.

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