Australian nurse arrested after return from Syria


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Countries have thousands of miles of borders. If it were so easy to lockdown and keep people out countries like the U.S. Wouldn't have an such a massive issue with illegal immigration.

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The U.S. Isn't even trying....

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I have no sympathy for these people. They are creating hell on earth and they need to burn for it.

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yeh u guys put a photo of the Sydney siege above, absolutely nothing to do with this story

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The border should be closed to anybody except Syrian passport holders, why isn't it?

1: The Turks have never been on good terms with Assad's regime, so supporting forces that undermine it appears in their interests.

2: The Turks are aligned with Saudi/Qatari interests in establishing a new gas pipeline to Europe. Assad is in the way (a Qatari pipeline would undermine the natgas business of his patron Russia).

3: The Turks are largely Sunni, just like Islamic State. Assad's Alawites are a Shia offshoot.

4: I'm sure plenty of shady characters in Turkey's border regions are getting rich from trafficking personnel and weapons into Iraq/Syria. Until the recent bombing in a Kurdish border town, Turkey was suffering no ill effects from ISIS.

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Western nations' push for extra-territoriality, especially in this age of jet travel, is extremely worrying. And that is just one of many reasons why this overbearing arrest should give us pause. There is also the fact that they don't even have anything to charge him with and they knew it before they even arrested him.

As ever, we should be more concerned about terrorism from our own governments than some organization half a world away.

Besides, harassing people just for being Muslim and going to Syria or planning to is going to invite more attacks on home soil, such as happened at that cafe.

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